Aloha Construction – The Power of Hard work and Love

Aloha Construction received the 2017 prestigious Torch Award for its outstanding Marketplace Ethics. The award was given by Better Business Bureau that serves the Chicago and also Northern Illinois. Mr Dave Farbaky, the Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Construction, received the award with much appreciation and honour and believed that putting his employees, customers and also the community ahead of everything is the winning wealth.

The Better Business Bureau main agenda of issuing of the Torch Award is to recognise various companies that provide honest and quality work, again and again, all through the years. According to the panel of fifteen judges who have vast knowledge and skills of choosing the best awarded the price to Aloha Construction. The group pointed out that the company has a long history and also frequent acts of helping the less privileged and it also has high levels of community integrity in Northern Illinois and Chicago.

The Better Business Bureau applauded Aloha Construction for putting their customer’s firsts and according to the company their clients is the reason the organisation is successful and exists. The company believes in the power of appreciating their clients yearly and in 2017 the Aloha Construction completed their main goal if giving at least 20,000 of Illinois people with roofing jobs.

They opened doors to customers in 2008, and they have strived to provide the high levels of quality within the area and have employed the best and within the community. The company also offers free roof inspection to their customers yearly helping discover the hidden damages that need quick repairers making the house safe. The company free services to their clients help them have their roofs repaired by the insurance companies and within the correct timeframe.

According to Dave Farbaky, the company employees are family and hence the need to put their needs first by ensuring they have a relaxing time after a year of success. The company pays a week holiday for all employees and their loved ones in Maui Hawaii giving them quality family time. Aloha Construction Company also understands the need for retaining their employees with permanent position giving them a stable lifestyle. And it’s done through competitive salaries and training keeping the team productive and happy.

Dr. Mark Mofid leads research of safer plastic surgery methods

Dr. Mark Mofid is known in the cosmetic medical community for being a top plastic surgeon. He has the best training as a medical practitioner having attended the Harvard University and the John Hopkins University School of Medicine. When he engages in medical talks, he definitely knows what he is talking about. Dr. Mark Mofid has proved that he is not only a medical practitioner but an industry innovator.

Dr. Mofid has earned the trust of many people by due to his adherence to medical safety regulations and good reputation. His priority is always the safety of his clients. No matter how much you are ready to pay, he will not give any treatment as long as the clients are not safe to receive the implant. One of the industries that have been a headache top the industry is gluteal augmentation. Many patients normally ask for larger implants, but Dr. Mark Mofid is never willing to do such a thing. He only engages in what he knows is safe for the client.

Dr. Mofid is constantly looking for new solutions to the needs of the industry since it is still in its early days. When Dr. Mark Mofid joined the industry 8 years ago, he found that there was so much to be done in the industry. For many years, the industry has been affected by numerous claims of malpractice and medical accidents which have affected the reputation of the industry. Mofid is starting a revolution that aims at bringing new safer methods of conducting these procedures. Mark Mofid greatest innovation so far is creating a new implant which has and made gluteal augmentation safe. The new implant does not leave sagging muscles as it used to happen with other implants.

Many implants which have been used previously were generic and not compatible with the human body. Despite the numerous cases that have been reported in the past, the industry is about to change due to the input of Dr. Mark Mofid and others. Although the modern solutions are superior, they need to be low risk and advance the needs of the industry.

Robert Deignan-Not Your Average CEO!

Whether it’s competing and winning in the 79th Silver Sailfish Derby or spending time in the outdoors with his family, Robert Deignan crams a lot into his busy schedule.

Graduating in 1995 from Purdue University, Robert earned a Bachelors Degree in Business Management, then went on to play professional football for a few years with the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. His understanding of sports encouraged him to start his first company when he co-founded Fanlink, which connected sports fans to their favorite players.

After a few years, his entrepreneurial spirit led him and his business partners to create ATS Digital Services, LLC, a company designed to help ordinary people and businesses solve any and all of their computer issues. As the CEO and co-founder of ATS Digital Services, LLC, he works hard to keep technology as irritation free for his many customers, while staying abreast of the ever changing tech advances and challenges. The company list of services covers any technological problem that might come up, such as network issues, security breaches or simply needing repair. They also service not only computers, but cell phones and tablets too. Digital storage is another great service that they offer. Their company covers it all.

Asked how he comes up with his entrepreneurial ideas, Robert explains that he gets his inspiration while enjoying the great outdoors, far away from the computer or phone. It can happen during a quiet cup of coffee on the porch, or it might also happen while snowboarding in Colorado. Either way, nature gets his creative juices flowing. After taking some quick notes, he’ll work more extensively on his ideas when he gets back to his computer.

Born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and currently residing in the Miami area with his wife and son, Robert Deignan enjoys sport fishing out on the Atlantic whenever he can.

Jeunesse proves it’s the best with Luminesce

In a leafy Florida enclave that boasts a gated entrance and a guard shack, in 2009, a retired Florida couple that had grown bored with days of nothing to do founded a new company. The company’s first headquarters was located between a lawn tractor and a gas can in the couple’s four-stall garage. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had started the company that would become known as Jeunesse Global.

At first, Ray and Lewis were content just to sell a few health and beauty products that were manufactured by other people. But soon, the couple started taking their fledgling enterprise more seriously. Ray and Lewis knew that they wanted to focus on health and beauty products. They began looking for market niches that were not well addressed by the biggest names in the business. This led to the creation of some of the most innovative and effective health and beauty products to hit the market in decades.

Ray and Lewis were able to use their expertise at product development and recruitment to quickly grow their business. Within its first year, Jeunesse Global had done nearly $1 million in sales. Within five years, the company was selling tens of millions in products and had hundreds of distributors worldwide. Jeunesse Global was quickly becoming a worldwide force within the health and beauty sector.

Through it all, it has been the company’s singular products that have ensured its success. Products like Luminesce, Jeunesse Global’s moisturizer and anti-aging lotion, have driven strong sales across the planet. Luminesce is a leading moisturizer lotion in its own right. When stacked up against the competition, Luminesce performs favorably or at the top of its class in every measure of performance.

But it is the lotion’s anti-aging properties that make it a true innovation. Luminesce is made with Jeunesse Global’s unique APT-200 molecule, developed by the industry’s top scientists specifically for use in Jeunesse products. APT-200 has been shown to eliminate wrinkles, prevent the formation of new wrinkles and restore a youthful suppleness to the skin that is often lost with aging.

Luminesce helps people glow with beauty, all day long.

Michael Lacey On Trump Pardoning Sheriff Joe

You may remember Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from a number of years ago. These two journalists were the subject of a national news breaking story. They were the two journalists who were arrested in the middle of the night by officers sent by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

He had them arrested because they were writing stories about him that did not paint him in a good light. You see, these two journalists were not afraid to report on the horrible way Sheriff Joe Arpaio was abusing his power and discriminating against inmates and immigrants.

However, after they were arrested, other media publications started reporting on what he did. They also reported on all of his past scandals and atrocities. It became a national news story.

Soon, he had to release them. They filed a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his abuse of power and their illegal arrest. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey won the lawsuit. They settled for over three and a half million dollars.

How does this tie in with President Trump? Well, you see, after the lawsuit, Sheriff Joe Arpaio went through some hard times in his career, although he definitely deserved it. People saw him for who he really is and they did not reelect him to the role of Sheriff in his community.

Next, he was cited for contempt of court for his actions during a lawsuit against him. However, because of his experience with right wing politicians, he was able to get access to the ear of President Donald Trump.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio endorsed President Trump early on when others still thought that his presidential bid was a joke and that it would never succeed. He did this because he made some good calculations about what would happen to him if President Trump would win.

In fact, Trump liked that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was kissing up to him, and he mentioned that he might pardon him. When he became President, he actually did pardon him. Why did he do it, however? What was the real motive behind it?

Michael Lacey, who as you recall is one of the journalists who was arrested by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, thinks that the reason that Donald Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio was that he was trying to pander to his base of nationalists and right wing activists who believe that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a hero for the way he was discriminating against immigrants.

That is what Trump has been doing his entire political career. He will pander to right wing activists and nationalists so that he can get their votes. It does not matter what he does and says. He does not care how wrong it may be.

Anyway, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey realized the dire straits that immigrants under Sheriff Joe Arpaio were in. They were suffering, so they used the money they got from the lawsuit to start the Frontera Fund to help them out.

Malcolm Casselle — Gamers and Blockchains

Malcolm Casselle has worked at some of the tech industries greatest giants. He has made history at every project he has ever touched. He has permanently left his mark on the world. By creating some of the best applications that we know today, or by being a major component to the creation of these applications, he has helped society advance forward. Malcolm Casselle is all about the advancement of communications within humanity. He was vital in the early stages of Facebook and Zynga and has helped Groupon complete its joint venture with a Chinese instant messaging company. The company in question was a company that assisted gamers talk to one another and engage in chats while gaming. Recently, he has created his own company called OPSkins and has founded a technology called WAX.

OPSkins is a gaming platform that allows gamers to trade in-game assets for real world currencies or cryptocurrencies. The vast majority of the gamers on OPSkins engage in cross border transactions through the use of bitcoin. By using bitcoin, users are able to trade their gaming assets with any user from any country and remain completely anonymous. They are taking full use of the blockchain technology that was developed for this sole purpose. As of this writing, OPSkins is the largest marketplace for trading gaming assets and cryptocurrencies. They account for the majority of bitcoins traded across the blockchain. Malcolm Casselle wants to develop a decentralized application that would allow his users to utilize the blockchain for their trading. The decentralized blockchain would ensure that users remain private and the entire system would never go down. He is calling his decentralized application WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange).

The decentralized nature of blockchians allows users to engage in their transactions securely without the worry of fraud of power outages. The P2P marketplace would help users trade with each other across the world in a safer manner and would make transactions much smoother. Malcolm Casselle is currently working on the WAX protocol and has a team of advanced developers working around the clock to ensure the best possible experience for his customers.

Hussain Sajwani: Trump Towers and DAMAC

The Hussain Sajwani family is a multinational billionaire family. In the vast kingdom of Dubai, he is a billionaire. He has been able to enhance his business by combining forces with Donald Trump on a number of projects. Trump’s real estate firm is very glad to have him as a valuable partner. The two titans have proudly collaborated on the famous Trump International Golf club – a massive golf club named after Donald Trump. The golf course was built with villas fit for luxury lifestyles. Since the luxury villas and golf course have been built, they have netted more than $2 billion!

The Sajwani family is very entrenched into the Trump family. He values their logical input and leadership abilities. While Donald Trump is in office, the two will not be doing business together in an effort to avoid conflicts of interest; however, the Sajwani family will still be cohorts with Ivanka and Eric Trump ( )The children of Donald Trump are very interested in keeping their business relations. They would like to preserve the Trump brand and believe the Sajwani family is the right family to help with the job.

Hussain Sajwani has a very close relationship with the Trump family. His wife sends regular email correspondences with Ivanka Trump and the Trump family has visited his house. When Hussain Sajwani visits New York, he makes a regular point to have lunch and dinner at the Trump Towers. Sajwani is the DAMAC owner, a nationally acclaimed luxury hotel chain.

DAMAC Properties, of which Hussein is the Chairman, has donated over $2 million to AED for the purpose of feeding and clothing children. These children are in developing countries and need help and assistance. The DAMAC sponsored charity was launched during the month of Ramadan and aptly named the Ramadan Initiative. Hussein loves the kids and appreciates the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. DAMAC Properties is a large real estate corporation and is Hussein’s main source of wealth. DAMAC is the leader of development in the Middle East. If you find a luxury hotel in Dubai, chances are it was built and operated by the geniuses at DAMAC. They are world renowned and respected for their expertise. Learn more:


Richard Mishaan Design and Memorable Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is known for being among the planet’s finest designers and architects. Richard Mishaan’s architecture and interior design abilities are considered by many to be world-class in quality. People all over the world admire his breathtaking artwork. Mishaan lives in New York, New York. He comes from Colombia in South America. That’s where he was reared. He had an undeniable enthusiasm for architecture and design when he was extremely young. Richard Mishaan attended two prominent institutions of higher learning in the United States. These were New York University and the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Both of these schools are located in the Big Apple.

Richard Mishaan is at the helm of a full-service firm that’s known simply as “Richard Mishaan Design.” This is a one-of-a-kind agency that finds attractive and memorable components in any and all things. The team at this firm has comprehensive expertise in diverse topics such as landscape architecture, interior design and architecture in general. People who want to learn how to put together captivating, fresh and visually appealing interior spaces can get a lot out of the insight this design firm offers. This company specializes in interior design schemes that can accommodate all types of preferences. If you’re interested in interior designs that are reminiscent of the past and of all things classic and enduring, Richard Mishaan and his team members can come through for you. If you have a dedication to interior design elements that are 100 percent updated and contemporary, this firm can help you with the same exact degree of intensity and skill and learn more about Richard Mishaan.

This firm has exhaustive collections that cover all of the bases. It gives people many high-quality choices in accessories, art pieces and even lighting products. If you’re looking for stunning illumination options, this company can help and resume him.

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Agora Financial Highly Trusted Financial Knowledge Center

Agora Financial is one of the most trusted knowledge centers for financial news that people need to not only protect their money but to invest it smartly. We help people get the unbiased financial news and reports that would assist them to stay ahead of the market trends and invest at the right place at the right time. The financial experts and reporters at Agora Financial never accept any money from different financial sources to report inaccurately, which is the case with many other publications. Agora Financial has more than a million subscribers, and the count continues to grow with every passing day and

Agora Financial has broken many financial news and trends before it reached the mainstream media, which helped the readers of the newsletters, publications, reports, and books, published by Agora Financial to invest at the right time and reap more profits than the others. Agora Financial understands that to find news and sources from various industries regarding finance cannot be done by sitting at one place, and thus, the company’s reporters and experts travel the world in search of credible financial news that can potentially make the difference in the financial markets in the time ahead. Reporting such news ahead of time can help in ways more than one to make smart investments to the mainstream population and resume their.

Agora Financial cares about its readers and has a system in place to ensure the credibility of news and statistics it reports. The company has been around since 1979 and is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. For common people who are not associated with the financial world or don’t know much about how to protect their money from the volatility of the financial markets or how to invest it wisely should consider subscribing to Agora Financial. It would provide a wealth of financial information that would play a fundamental role in securing your financial future and more information click here.

The Remarkable Partnership of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Don Ressler is among the businessmen who have made significant accomplishments in the fashion industry. He has worked with Adam Goldenberg for years, and they have established multi million dollar companies together. An example of the top businesses that Ressler and Goldenberg have created is TechStyle. They are currently co-CEO of the enterprises. The duo ventured in different sectors before investing in the fashion business. They have outstanding product development, branding and internet marketing skills that they have gained over the years. Before the establishment of TechStyle, Don and Adam owned a company that was known as Intelligence Beauty. It was established in 2006 and has raised more than $100 million. The company has specialized in building the brands. Intelligent Beauty established branches that dealt with the production and retail of cosmetic products through its e-commerce platform.


Before the two businessmen started working together, they had sufficient experience in the corporate space. Adam acted as the COO of the Intermix Media as from October 2001 to January 2004. He was later promoted to work as the company’s president of the performance marketing group as from January 2004. Goldenberg also served as Brentwood Cosmetics. He met his business partner while at the Alena Media, which was under Intermix Media. The News Corporation later acquired Intermix Media, and this motivated Adam and Don to start a new company that was known as Brand Ideas.


Don Ressler also ventured in various online businesses before joining the fashion industry. He owned, which was a successful firm that offered fitness solutions to its clients. Ressler served as the CEO of the enterprise and later sold it to Intermix Media. He became friends with Adam Goldenberg while at Intermix, and the two started sharing ideas on how to establish a successful business.


They created Brand Ideas by joining efforts with various experts who formerly worked at Alena Media. The company acted as a brand incubator, and its name was later changed to Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty developed leading brands in the beauty and health sectors. The firm raised sufficient revenue that they use in founding JustFab, which grew into one of the leading fashion businesses in the e-commerce industry. The enterprise has raised more than $250 million from funding programs. It has a solid subscription plan that served millions of clients across the United States and Europe. The company is currently known as TechStyle, and it runs subsidiaries such as FabKids and Fabletics.