Hussain Sajwani: Trump Towers and DAMAC

The Hussain Sajwani family is a multinational billionaire family. In the vast kingdom of Dubai, he is a billionaire. He has been able to enhance his business by combining forces with Donald Trump on a number of projects. Trump’s real estate firm is very glad to have him as a valuable partner. The two titans have proudly collaborated on the famous Trump International Golf club – a massive golf club named after Donald Trump. The golf course was built with villas fit for luxury lifestyles. Since the luxury villas and golf course have been built, they have netted more than $2 billion!

The Sajwani family is very entrenched into the Trump family. He values their logical input and leadership abilities. While Donald Trump is in office, the two will not be doing business together in an effort to avoid conflicts of interest; however, the Sajwani family will still be cohorts with Ivanka and Eric Trump ( )The children of Donald Trump are very interested in keeping their business relations. They would like to preserve the Trump brand and believe the Sajwani family is the right family to help with the job.

Hussain Sajwani has a very close relationship with the Trump family. His wife sends regular email correspondences with Ivanka Trump and the Trump family has visited his house. When Hussain Sajwani visits New York, he makes a regular point to have lunch and dinner at the Trump Towers. Sajwani is the DAMAC owner, a nationally acclaimed luxury hotel chain.

DAMAC Properties, of which Hussein is the Chairman, has donated over $2 million to AED for the purpose of feeding and clothing children. These children are in developing countries and need help and assistance. The DAMAC sponsored charity was launched during the month of Ramadan and aptly named the Ramadan Initiative. Hussein loves the kids and appreciates the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. DAMAC Properties is a large real estate corporation and is Hussein’s main source of wealth. DAMAC is the leader of development in the Middle East. If you find a luxury hotel in Dubai, chances are it was built and operated by the geniuses at DAMAC. They are world renowned and respected for their expertise. Learn more:


Rick Smith Pushes Securus Technologies towards Domination in the Corrections Segment

Securus Technologies Inc., which majors in the provision of criminal justice and civil technology solutions have done well over the years. The company operates under the leadership of its CEO and president, Rick Smith. Rick studied at the University of Rochester where he attained an MBA, and in the State University of New York where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also holds an Associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick assumed the position of CEO in July 2008. Most people believed that he was the right man for the job due to his education, experience, and drive. He certainly did not disappoint. Securus Technology CEO helped the company forge ahead making it a force to reckon with in the corrections industry. The company has been offering products and services of high quality from year to year. Smith is a man with an extraordinary track record, unique skill set and one heck of an excellent background. In his career line, he has worked in operations, finance, information technology, telecommunications and business development. To add to his work experience, he has excellent leadership skills which make him stand out and more information click here.

From its headquarters in Dallas, Securus Technologies serves a large number of inmates estimating to around one million, two thousand six hundred corrections, public safety agencies and law enforcement organizations in North America. Rick Smith guides the company into the provision of technology and services for emergency response, biometric analysis, investigation, incident management, communications, public information, monitoring and inmate self-service to the corrections community. In July last year, Securus acquired JPay Inc., a top technology company which had earlier introduced educational apps, electronic payments, entertainment apps and email to the corrections space. Jpay was operating in more than thirty prisons at the time it was acquired by Securus Technology. The move was aimed at enabling the company to become the fastest growing firm in the corrections segment and resume him.

The number of people who praise Securus Technologies increases on a daily basis as their services continue to reach more and more people from different places. It is amazing how the company focuses on crime prevention and safety, which are two things that should matter a lot. Innocent people from all over the world are affected by unfortunate circumstances and need the support that Securus Technologies offers. The numerous contributions that the company is making will remain in many peoples’ memories. In fact, in November last year, Smith mentioned about how the company was receiving a huge number of emails and letters full of praise for the company’s efforts. Most of these letters were from customers who were writing to show their appreciation for the company’s continued provision of excellent services. The company will continue to serve those in need of its services in the years to come and maintain the quality in their services and what Rick Smith knows.

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Dr. Mark McKenna’s success in launching OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna, MD, MBA doctor in surgery and medicine and is licensed with the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. He is currently serving the community. Dr. Mark McKenna a passionate and patient doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna was born and nurtured in the New Orleans, LA. Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane university medical school. Immediately after completing his education, he joined his father to grow his professional. While serving with his father, Dr. Mark McKenna simultaneously started the McKenna Venture which is a boutique business dealing in real estate developments. As the years went on, Dr. Mark McKenna acquired and launched other companies like Uptown Title, Inc and the University Mortgage Lending. The companies grew successfully to over fifty employees and offered finance, real estate closing services, and turnkey design services.

Most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s profits were affected and destroyed by the 29th August 2005 disaster brought by the Hurricane Katrina which invaded the New Orleans. After the catastrophe, Dr. Mark McKenna participated to a great extent in rebuilding New Orleans by rebuilding other new housing quarters that were moderately low in cost. Dr. Mark McKenna later relocated to Atlanta GA, in the year 2007 and began the ShapeMed. ShapeMed is a company dealing with wellness and aesthetic practice in medicine. ShapeMed was later in November 2014 acquired by Life Time Fitness Inc where Dr. Mark McKenna served in the position of the National Medical Director until the year 2016.

Dr. Mark McKenna founded the company OVME in the year 2017 where he acts as the CEO of the company. Dr. Mark McKenna was driven to launching the company by his ten-year medical experience in the same field. OVME is a company that majors in reinventing healthcare through medical aesthetics that are consumer facing and technology enabled. Dr. Mark McKenna has also joined several New Orleans based organizations such as New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festivals. Dr. Mark McKenna married Gianine McKenna and is a father to a single daughter Milana Elle who is four years and a Pomeranian Ryder.


The Remarkable Partnership of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

Don Ressler is among the businessmen who have made significant accomplishments in the fashion industry. He has worked with Adam Goldenberg for years, and they have established multi million dollar companies together. An example of the top businesses that Ressler and Goldenberg have created is TechStyle. They are currently co-CEO of the enterprises. The duo ventured in different sectors before investing in the fashion business. They have outstanding product development, branding and internet marketing skills that they have gained over the years. Before the establishment of TechStyle, Don and Adam owned a company that was known as Intelligence Beauty. It was established in 2006 and has raised more than $100 million. The company has specialized in building the brands. Intelligent Beauty established branches that dealt with the production and retail of cosmetic products through its e-commerce platform.


Before the two businessmen started working together, they had sufficient experience in the corporate space. Adam acted as the COO of the Intermix Media as from October 2001 to January 2004. He was later promoted to work as the company’s president of the performance marketing group as from January 2004. Goldenberg also served as Brentwood Cosmetics. He met his business partner while at the Alena Media, which was under Intermix Media. The News Corporation later acquired Intermix Media, and this motivated Adam and Don to start a new company that was known as Brand Ideas.


Don Ressler also ventured in various online businesses before joining the fashion industry. He owned, which was a successful firm that offered fitness solutions to its clients. Ressler served as the CEO of the enterprise and later sold it to Intermix Media. He became friends with Adam Goldenberg while at Intermix, and the two started sharing ideas on how to establish a successful business.


They created Brand Ideas by joining efforts with various experts who formerly worked at Alena Media. The company acted as a brand incubator, and its name was later changed to Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty developed leading brands in the beauty and health sectors. The firm raised sufficient revenue that they use in founding JustFab, which grew into one of the leading fashion businesses in the e-commerce industry. The enterprise has raised more than $250 million from funding programs. It has a solid subscription plan that served millions of clients across the United States and Europe. The company is currently known as TechStyle, and it runs subsidiaries such as FabKids and Fabletics.

How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Use Big Data to Earn Customer Loyalty

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the brains behind TechStyle Fashion Group. The company is a conglomerate of multiple companies in the technology fashion industry. The two have been longtime partners since they both sold their initial companies to Intermix Media in the 1990s. Intermix Media, at the time, was the parent company to MySpace, which was one of the hottest social networking commodities in the digital space.


Ressler and Goldenberg are best known for their unicorn startup JustFab, which hit incredible heights just months after being founded. A unicorn is known in the tech and startup worlds as a true game changer, something that comes along and rocks the landscape of the digital world so greately that things will never be the same again.


JustFab specializes in curating deals and fashion trends from websites all across the internet and then streamlining them into one simple email that was delivered to subscribers’ inboxes each day. JustFab was unique in the way that it introduced its follower base to new brands, trends and styles that they may not have ever come upon in their general shopping experience. In this way, JustFab not only introduces its follower base to new trends and boutiques, but it gave those stores and boutiques exposure that they likely would have never received on their own. It was truly a win win for all involved and millions of fans flocked to JustFab.


The success behind JustFab, as well as Goldenberg and Ressler’s other companies such as Kate Hudson’s Fabletics brand of “athleisure” wear comes from their vision to go digital first and to utilize big data to reach customers on a personal level in their digital space. All of the companies Goldenberg and Ressler have launched are digital first. Fabletics has changed the game by foregoing the mass build of physical stores and building a digital online showroom. The company has just a handful of stores in very select locations. Instead, they invite users into what feels like a full online showroom experience. When they visit the Fabletics site, customers can engage with the brand, watch videos, see new trends and all within the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose to browse.


In addition, all of TechStyle’s companies utilize big data to reach their customers on a more personal level. By learning more about their customers browsing and internet preferences, TechStyle provides a more enjoyable customer experience in the online realm and beyond.

Meet Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg the amazing brains behind fashion and shopping

The meeting of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg was the mother of the multiple companies that have blended not only technology but also fashion and consumer demand. They first met at Intermix Media Company when Don was selling his company to Intermix Media. Adam had also been a gifted young boy who by the age of 15 was already into computers. He developed an advertising site for the gaming companies back then. Intermix Media bought the site that Adam had created and employed him to be working there. He later dropped out of high school to become the Chief Operations Officer and later the VP of the company.


Their meeting immediately gave birth to a friendship between these two great personalities. They later started a couple of online business ventures and together they focused on fashion and beauty which at the time had a promising market. The duo then decided to source their inspiration from two factors which are trends and pain points. They studied the market and noted that most consumers get annoyed by their inability to find things during shopping. They thus used the idea to create a personalized online fashion services to help customers get the latest and greatest styles on demand with ease.


Their biggest success was the brand, Fabletics which was set to advertise athletic clothing of the correct sizes and required quality. Their other businesses like TechStyle and JustFab were also great successes and had earned them a great fortune over time. Fabletics brand was not only interesting but also enticing whose ads depicted that the company can solve the requirements of any client. The high-quality fabrics were used to make comfortable bras, trousers, and other athletic requirements. The company also gave their members special discounts which were, in fact, a great strategy to promote people to sign up. The two pioneers of this brand at the time hoped to inspire confidence in most women. They even went ahead to use actress Kate Hudson who is also a co-founder to help in marketing their athletic cloth line. Both Adam and don comprehended the fact that clothes pieces should be carefully designed to fit and look right to all women regardless of their size.


The company has now more than one million VIP members since its foundation in 2013. The demand has been on the rise thus the need for the company to expand to meet the needs of the market. Fabletics is currently opening a chain of brick-and-mortar stores in various places around the country. The level of technology used in these chains is innovative and is going to be of benefit to both the company and their clients. Members get scanned when they enter the store and basing on their profile they receive recommendations which makes shopping for them much organized and easier.

TechStyle CEO Adam Goldenberg Beats Out Fast Fashion Through Ethics

People who have taken an interest in fashion have more than likely heard about fast fashion. This is the type of fashion that brings out trends at a quick rate. At the same time, they offer clothes at a low price. This is one of the reasons that many people are flocking towards stores like H&M. However, there are issues that have come up with these types of businesses. For one thing, Adam Goldenberg and other people of TechStyle have seen the drawbacks of fast fashion. One of the drawbacks is that of ethics. The business model is not sustainable. This is one of the reasons that Adam Goldenberg has looked to a different business model for his company.


The business model that Adam Goldenberg has chosen is the subscription discount business model. This allows customers to save money through paid membership. This also allows the company to present the customers with some of the best fashion that is available without cutting any corners and making some ethical sacrifices. For one thing, the clothes are made in humane conditions. People are not working in places where the environment is hazardous. The designers of the clothing are taken care of in this respect.


While fast fashion companies do come out with some of the best looking high fashion pieces of clothing, but they are not built to last. The material that the items are made of tend to fall apart easily. As a result, people wind up spending tons of money on replacing these items. At the same time, a lot of these items that they buy get discontinued. This is not a problem with TechStyle products. A lot of attention is paid to the quality of the material used to create the items. They also make sure that the products are going to last very long.


Adam Goldenberg knows what the customer wants. Therefore, customers are provided with items that not only look good but are going to last them a long time. Therefore, people are going to be able to enjoy their styles for a long time to come.

Flávio Maluf Tips for Making Intelligent Investments

Flávio Maluf, Brazilian, born on December 2, 1961, graduated in mechanical engineering from the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), in the city of São Paulo. He lived abroad for a year, working and studying administration at the renowned New York University – NYU.


In 1986, Flavio Maluf married Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres. Fruit of this relationship between Flavio Maluf and Jacqueline Torres were born their three children. A 22-year-old graduate of Chemical Engineering in London, a 19-year-old graduate student in business administration at the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation and another 15-year-old son who is preparing to follow in his father’s footsteps and engineering, in England.


Flávio Maluf has been with the Eucatex Group since 1987, And during his trajectory he passed through several areas of the company until he arrived where he arrived. He began his career in the area of ​​trade of the company, and after a few years he migrated to the industrial area where he remained until 1996. In that same year, his uncle who at that time was the current president of the company, invited him to be part of the Executives of the Eucatex Group, and after great success and collaboration for the good results of the company, by an agreement between all the involved and family, in 1997 Flavio Maluf assumed the presidency of the Eucatex Group where he is until today, focusing on innovation and investing heavily for Launch new products in the segment.


Upon assuming the company’s presidency, Flavio Maluf began a process of modernization, according to its management format. That according to him, has an aggressive profile, Of a person who seeks the perfection and success of the company every day. He considers himself a very present executive, but not centralizing. An interview conducted by with Flavio Maluf – “He does not waste opportunities” tells details about the executive’s plans for career, professional life and dreams that he aims to achieve. The history of the Eucatex Group began in 1951 as the first Brazilian company that actually thought of environmental comfort and to use eucalyptus as a raw material for the production of plates and panels.


Eucatex – A Prominent And Leading Firm In Brazil

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex since April 29th, 2005. Mr. Maluf is the chairman of the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex S.A Industria. He is the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia and also the CEO of Eucatex Quimica e Mineral.


He is the Vice President of Eucatex S.A Industria e Commercial. He has been the Director of Eucatex S.a Industria e Commercio since the year 2005. He has worked for Sistema S.A Corretora de Titulos e Valores and also Citibank New York.



Maluf has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering at Fudacao Armando Alvares. He has done a specialized course in people management and also accounting for the non-accountants. He has also studied foreign exchange principles and also Foreign trade laws.


Eucatex is a highly creative firm that makes utilization of unusual materials to develop their items like the tiles. One material that the company makes use of is the Eucalyptus and that is a very unusual kind of wood.



The company makes use of some other materials like various types of paints. The products that they develop are equipped with home products, and they make some of the items for the industry. The firm has been there for a longer duration. The firm is over fifty years old. They have the ability to do the exportation of the items to different nations that are not in Brazil. The things that they make are friendly to the environment.



The firm is presently operated by Flavio Maluf. He has done a tremendous assistance to assist the company to advance and develop. He has done a lot to make Eucatex excellent to the environment. It was awful for the healthy environment to be considered seriously by the various industries.



The firm came into existence in the year 1951. There are some regulations for the industries. Eucatex knew the potential for the manufacturers to cause harm to the environment. The items that they manufactured got the effect on the environment. The firm can make the things safe for the environment and also make great profits.


Two Critical Tips For Businesses In 2017

 Flavio Maluf recently presented American Magazine Inc with some excellent advice as to what sectors look to get hot or continue heating up well into 2017. His word is certainly one that can be trusted as he is a Brazilian business and mentor to many while also holding a role as the president of Eucatex. That company works with the impressive magic of eucalyptus wood fibers in order to produce a myriad of products ranging from insulation to recyclable baseboards and beyond. So, where should one look for opportunities and innovations? The information is all here.


Technological Innovation


Maluf understands that technology is vital in the modern workplace, and there still exists a significant portion of employees who simply do not have the aptitude or time to dedicate themselves to learning all of the ins and outs that come with it. This means that 2017 is an even better time than ever for platforms and tools which provide the simplicity for non-techs to get things to get things done.


Remote Work


Remote work is taking off more than ever, and there are now so many ways for employees to accomplish things that they used to have to be present at an office to get done. More people want to be able to live out their dreams no matter where that takes them, and so the idea of being tied to one location is just not as attractive as it once might have been. Flavio Maluf encourages management to get the logistics down to an art so that the proper meetings, tracking, and other necessary functions can adapt to this scene. It will be hard to compete with other companies who can hire anyone from anywhere if a company cannot do it also.


Eucatex is a great company which has won many awards and contracts under his astute leadership. They are into sustainability and giving back to the environment just as much as they are into manufacturing innovative products. Companies that are looking to follow in a similar trajectory should definitely take this advice and setup for growth into 2017 and beyond.