Looking Unique With New Unicorn Hair Dye

Lime Crime’s loyal fan base is rejoicing over the new releases from the brand. Calling the fans ‘unicorns’, it is no surprise that Lime Crime has been introducing products to make every unicorn unique. This hasn’t exactly been a unique idea, however, as unicorn colored cosmetics have been a trend for some time; these products range from highlighters, lipsticks and the well known Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. During this period, Lime Crime has been developing their unicorn hair dye, expanding to 13 shades in two separate formulations depending on whether you desire a full coverage of color or a more subtle tint.

These formulas now have additional eight shades, three of them being full coverage and the other five being tints. Full coverage shades include Bubblegum Rose, a bubblegum pink color, Valentine, a crimson red color, and Aesthetic which is a mauve color. The five tints include Tweet, which gives a vibrant yellow, Mint Ice, giving a frosted green effect, Cloud, which adds a periwinkle blue, Kawaii, a pastel violet shade, and lastly Moonchild which gives a tint of pastel lavender. Just like all the previous shades, the Unicorn Hair Dye is designed for a vibrant color and then to fade gracefully so that every customer is confident in beautiful hair. However, for best results, it is best to have bleached hair with no past color residue.

With bright and obnoxious colors being the trend to stay, these colors are beginning to grow a cult following just as passionate as the entire brand itself. With an overwhelmingly positive response on social media sites, it is clear that these products are not going anywhere, anytime soon! CEO and founder of Lime Crime Doe Deere has said that more shades are indeed coming, along with that she “cannot wait to see how our unicorns rock these new shades!”. With 21 now existing shades, there is a color and formula for everyone that is curious about the hair world without being a dull blonde or brunette. Show the unicorn pride with new Unicorn Hair Dye!