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SOLVY is an entirely free on-line mathematics assignments platform for students, educators, and schools. With SOLVY students can work on mathematics problems that have been cherry-picked by their teachers. Teachers can delegate exercises for students depending on their interest and demands.

They’ll receive notifications when students need additional support according to their assignments functionality. SOLVY can save valuable time for teachers, helping them correctly utilize their time efficiently while providing a real-life context for learning in the mathematics classroom.

This internet-based tool is reachable on tons of different apparatus. Students can interact with unique graphing tools and teachers can see the students work for solving each problem to address any mistakes. SOLVY has no multiple-choice questions. Instead, the students need to input the solution they arrive at, and show how they arrived there.

According to Angel.co, Alexei Beltyukov holds high values for increasing the limits of continuing education. Alexei Beltyukov is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Alexei created Endemic Capital in 2013′ as a resource to supply angel financing for Russian startup businesses. Also being a philanthropist, he has formed several distinct establishments to assist others looking to start companies, or attend advanced business courses.

 Alexei Beltyukov established A-Ventures Ltd, a Russian firm created to help other businesses within the state with financial assistance when they’re fighting. He also contributed in creating the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD.

The scholarship gives financial support to Russians attending INSEAD University. Alexei Beltyukov additionally worked alongside the Russian government to supply economical guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation where he holds the title as Vice President. The supply grants a chance for Russian technology startups, along with entrepreneurs looking to expand opportunities throughout Russia.