Nick Vertucci: Helping People Succeed Through Investing In Real Estate

Nick Vertucci wants to teach as many people as possible how to secure a comfortable life for themselves and their loved ones through the purchase, management and sales of real estate. And he has already helped countless people to do just that through his real estate academy. Vertucci understands how people can find themselves struggling to survive despite their best efforts. He also knows first hand how investing in real estate can help them to prosper. He experienced it himself as a young man and he has been able to become a multimillionaire by creating an effective system for investing in real estate.


At age 19, Nick Vertucci was living in his van. He used his talent and hard work to build a successful computer parts company. Vertucci got married, bought a house and began raising his three children. But then the crash wiped out his business and left him almost destitute. After seeing Vertucci struggle to save his home and keep his family afloat for 18 months, a friend invited him to a three-day real estate seminar. That seminar changed his life forever. It motivated him and gave him the insight he needed to pursue a career in real estate.


But success didn’t come easy. Once Nick Vertucci was able to get his head above water, he spent the next 10 years developing a system that allows almost anyone to easily invest in real estate and become financially secure. The system helps people identify available, affordable properties, find financing and purchase one or more pieces of real estate. Because of his struggles early on, Vertucci promised himself he would help others improve the quality of their lives through real estate investing. So he founded the amazing NV Real Estate Academy.


Through the academy Nick Vertucci gives people the know-how to get themselves out of debt, build a solid foundation and establish a consistent income. The system Vertucci created and teaches through the NV Real Estate Academy is easy to learn and very effective. Within months participants find themselves making large amounts of money. And Vertucci shows them how to invest that money to create a bright, secure future using his Fortunes in Flipping system. The best part is people can begin learning the system by attending a free NV Real Estate Academy Workshop. There Nick Vertucci shows them how to begin building their fortune through real estate investing.

Nick Vertucci Helps Real Estate Investors

Nick Vertucci has proven himself to be someone that knows a lot about real estate and the way that people can make the best of a real estate investment. This is why many people are following his lead and taking interest in what he has to say.


Nick Vertucci has his own informative Academy where he gives people a breakdown of what they need to do in order to be much more successful in the real estate arena.


There are a ton of people that are seeing shows like Fixer-Upper and Flip or Flop, and these people are becoming interested in buying homes that they can fix up. It always seems like there is a little work done in order to make a lot of profit in many instances. People get excited about this, and many want to spend their money on flipping homes, but it takes a lot more than this to actually get a home in the market to be sold. People need more than a couple of ideals from TV shows in order to make their home one that can sale. This is why Nick Vertucci is so valuable to people that want to endeavor into real estate.


He gives real estate investors the type of information that they really need in order to make better decisions about how they are going to invest their money.


Nick Vertucci has what many people may not have thought about when they were going to be getting started with real estate. Nick Vertucci has a strong plan. This is what many people that are new to the concept of real estate are missing. They are missing some type of plan to actually put their lives in the right order when it comes to investing in real estate. Nick is able to do this with ease because he is already gone through the trial and error. He knows about the things that are going to make investments work. He also knows about the things that are not going to be as likely to improve investments.


This may be the true reason that so many people are interested in getting acquainted with his academy. They know that they can get first-rate information on how they can become better real estate investor. People that take the time to get familiar with the academy will be much more equipped to handle real estate investments.

David Giertz Explains How Customer May Improve

David Giertz is one of the finest men in business, and he leads Nationwide in a way that ensures the customers are given the best experience. Someone who is searching for a number of financial services will receive the best care that is possible. This article explains how David Giertz has offered the best service to clients, and he is speaking openly about using social media and the Internet to help.


#1: The Social Media Experiment


The social media services that are offered to a number of clients allow them to get quick answers to their questions. They will be pleased to speak to the company in a place that they are going every day, and it is will faster for them to get the answers they need.


#2: Updating With Technology


David believes in updating customer service with technology, and he knows that many people may reach out to the company easily while they are on social media. The answers come through fast, and many companies such as Nationwide are choosing to use the social media platforms to answer questions and handle service.


#3: Offering Financial Answers


David believes that there are a number of people who need quick answers so that they may make informed decisions, and he will ask his staff to give clients the updates they need in the manner they prefer. Keeping communication open allows each client to feel as though their account has been serviced properly, and they will have access to their answers at any time.


There are many people who are in need of customer service who prefer to use social media. David Giertz of Nationwide is showing that a large company may use social media to make a difference for all clients. Each client has the opportunity to reach out through any platform they like.


Flávio Maluf Tips for Making Intelligent Investments

Flávio Maluf, Brazilian, born on December 2, 1961, graduated in mechanical engineering from the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), in the city of São Paulo. He lived abroad for a year, working and studying administration at the renowned New York University – NYU.


In 1986, Flavio Maluf married Jacqueline de Lourdes Coutinho Torres. Fruit of this relationship between Flavio Maluf and Jacqueline Torres were born their three children. A 22-year-old graduate of Chemical Engineering in London, a 19-year-old graduate student in business administration at the Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation and another 15-year-old son who is preparing to follow in his father’s footsteps and engineering, in England.


Flávio Maluf has been with the Eucatex Group since 1987, And during his trajectory he passed through several areas of the company until he arrived where he arrived. He began his career in the area of ​​trade of the company, and after a few years he migrated to the industrial area where he remained until 1996. In that same year, his uncle who at that time was the current president of the company, invited him to be part of the Executives of the Eucatex Group, and after great success and collaboration for the good results of the company, by an agreement between all the involved and family, in 1997 Flavio Maluf assumed the presidency of the Eucatex Group where he is until today, focusing on innovation and investing heavily for Launch new products in the segment.


Upon assuming the company’s presidency, Flavio Maluf began a process of modernization, according to its management format. That according to him, has an aggressive profile, Of a person who seeks the perfection and success of the company every day. He considers himself a very present executive, but not centralizing. An interview conducted by with Flavio Maluf – “He does not waste opportunities” tells details about the executive’s plans for career, professional life and dreams that he aims to achieve. The history of the Eucatex Group began in 1951 as the first Brazilian company that actually thought of environmental comfort and to use eucalyptus as a raw material for the production of plates and panels.


Eucatex – A Prominent And Leading Firm In Brazil

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex since April 29th, 2005. Mr. Maluf is the chairman of the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex S.A Industria. He is the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia and also the CEO of Eucatex Quimica e Mineral.


He is the Vice President of Eucatex S.A Industria e Commercial. He has been the Director of Eucatex S.a Industria e Commercio since the year 2005. He has worked for Sistema S.A Corretora de Titulos e Valores and also Citibank New York.



Maluf has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering at Fudacao Armando Alvares. He has done a specialized course in people management and also accounting for the non-accountants. He has also studied foreign exchange principles and also Foreign trade laws.


Eucatex is a highly creative firm that makes utilization of unusual materials to develop their items like the tiles. One material that the company makes use of is the Eucalyptus and that is a very unusual kind of wood.



The company makes use of some other materials like various types of paints. The products that they develop are equipped with home products, and they make some of the items for the industry. The firm has been there for a longer duration. The firm is over fifty years old. They have the ability to do the exportation of the items to different nations that are not in Brazil. The things that they make are friendly to the environment.



The firm is presently operated by Flavio Maluf. He has done a tremendous assistance to assist the company to advance and develop. He has done a lot to make Eucatex excellent to the environment. It was awful for the healthy environment to be considered seriously by the various industries.



The firm came into existence in the year 1951. There are some regulations for the industries. Eucatex knew the potential for the manufacturers to cause harm to the environment. The items that they manufactured got the effect on the environment. The firm can make the things safe for the environment and also make great profits.


Two Critical Tips For Businesses In 2017

 Flavio Maluf recently presented American Magazine Inc with some excellent advice as to what sectors look to get hot or continue heating up well into 2017. His word is certainly one that can be trusted as he is a Brazilian business and mentor to many while also holding a role as the president of Eucatex. That company works with the impressive magic of eucalyptus wood fibers in order to produce a myriad of products ranging from insulation to recyclable baseboards and beyond. So, where should one look for opportunities and innovations? The information is all here.


Technological Innovation


Maluf understands that technology is vital in the modern workplace, and there still exists a significant portion of employees who simply do not have the aptitude or time to dedicate themselves to learning all of the ins and outs that come with it. This means that 2017 is an even better time than ever for platforms and tools which provide the simplicity for non-techs to get things to get things done.


Remote Work


Remote work is taking off more than ever, and there are now so many ways for employees to accomplish things that they used to have to be present at an office to get done. More people want to be able to live out their dreams no matter where that takes them, and so the idea of being tied to one location is just not as attractive as it once might have been. Flavio Maluf encourages management to get the logistics down to an art so that the proper meetings, tracking, and other necessary functions can adapt to this scene. It will be hard to compete with other companies who can hire anyone from anywhere if a company cannot do it also.


Eucatex is a great company which has won many awards and contracts under his astute leadership. They are into sustainability and giving back to the environment just as much as they are into manufacturing innovative products. Companies that are looking to follow in a similar trajectory should definitely take this advice and setup for growth into 2017 and beyond.