Brown Agency

Are you some-one in the Austin Texas area who has dreams and aspirations of becoming a model, walking down a great runway. Maybe you have hopes to break into television as an actor or actress. If so you are going to need a great agency to help you make that happen.

The Brown Agency is a full service modeling and commercial talent agency. They have been serving the Austin area since 2010. Their talent has worked with some of the biggest brands known, including Dell, Toyota and Luis Vuitton. This month alone Dodge Ram and Landshark Beer alone will also be using the talent from The Brown Agency. Their models have graced some of the finest walkways in the Texas area. The best news is that the Brown Agency is always looking for fresh and new talent.

Now if you would like to see if you have what it takes, feel free to come to their open casting call, which takes place every Thursday at 100 Congress Ave #2000. Bring yourself, a resume if you have one and some pictures. If you have what it takes you will be working with the Brown Agency and you yourself could be walking down that walkway, or starring in one of the brands commercials. Do not put your dreams on hold, make it happen.