Securus Technologies: Promoting a Secure Environment

Safety is a significant factor in the society that has to be upheld by all means. With increasing criminal activities, measures to monitor civilians and inmates are more than welcome to enforce the law and maintain peace and justice in the society.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology company serving law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities all over North America? The firm facilitates communication for detainees, monitors parolees and manages government information. The company is situated in Dallas, Texas, and is keen on providing what matters to consumers. Other regional offices are in Carrollton, Atlanta, and Allen. Securus services are applied in law enforcement to track inmate activities and to foster civil justice.


As a technology company, it is widely used for communication hence enabling police officers and other law enforcement agencies to keep tabs on persons of interest to prevent and mitigate any arising issues related to maintaining the law. The technology is also crucial in investigative activities to shed light on critical matters that need clarification through intensive analysis and monitoring usage of goods and services.


The company is swift in assisting the government in creating a better and safer place to live. The recent acquisition of JPay Inc by Securus technologies was a bold move in improving services offered to correctional facilities. This acquisition enabled Securus to provide state prisons entertainment options, communication via emails, education through applications and electronic payment avenues. All these were made more accessible with the introduction of high-tech tablets at affordable rates.


Securus Technologies Inc. has the largest call center in the region with a capacity of two hundred and twenty seats for employees to use while engaging clients. As a reward for its impeccable performance in providing public safety, Securus technologies was recently honored with an A+ rating and accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB). The accreditation came as a result of complying with BBB standards which include, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, honest advertisement, building trust, promoting integrity, being truthful and safeguarding privacy.


Building New Neighborhoods with Boraie

The center of the most successful area revitalizations is often centered on the options of living spaces that are given. From there, people are attracted in, which in turn attracts new businesses and sets the whole neighborhood up for success. This has been the case in New Brunswick, NJ, in no small part thanks to the Aspire Apartments, by Boraie Development LLC. Located right in the center of the action, they have drawn in a fresh new crowd to the area that let local businesses bloom and grow as well. Located close to the train station which allows for easy access to Manhattan and Philadelphia so residents get the best travel options as well. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

According to Rutgers, offering studios apartments through two bedrooms, the Aspire Apartments offer a bevy of luxury features that rival the best of NYC’s luxury spaces. The interior includes a high-end kitchen model with quartz countertops, glass tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. The large bathrooms have porcelain floors, ceramic walls and tub as well. The units have in-suite washers and dryers, a state of the art heating system and high-speed internet and cable access for maximum relaxation. Other features of the apartments include a doorman and access to a 24-hour onsite maintenance management team. There is also a there is an elevator that leads directly from the garage to the main lobby and a 24-hour on-site fitness center.

Boraie Development LLC specializes in the urban real estate market by providing world-class services with Property Management, sales and marketing and Real Estate Development. Boraie prides itself on working with the best financial Institutions, architects, and contractors on the market to ensure the success of all of their projects. With over 30 years of expertise in real estate, the Sam Boraie team have experts for every project and situation to ensure the best possible experience for their clients.

Talkspace Provides Real Help Via Text Messaging

Depression is something that affects many, yet it is something that still has a sort of stigma around it. Those who are depressed feel that others think of them as less than them. They feel like they are not beautiful and that they are not going to be successful. Depression is a disease and it is not something that a person chooses. It is important for those with depression to know that they have value and for them to get help in moving on from that disease.

When a person has a family member who is facing something such as borderline personality disorder, that disease can mess with the relationship between the two people. Someone who gets a new job only to have their family member call them all of the time while they are at work can feel frustrated. Those who are faced with borderline personality disorder need help, they need to have someone who will communicate with them.

Talkspace provides real help for those individuals who are faced with problems in their lives. This service is available via text message, and it allows a person to be in touch with a therapist whenever they feel like sending out a message. The therapist might respond right away, or they might take some time to respond, but the Talkspace therapist is always there to help. Talkspace helps individuals with all kinds of issues find the help that they need to move on through discussing those issues.

How George Soros is Fighting for Progressive Politics.

Over the years one name has become a mainstay in the world of progressive politics and that name is George Soros. George Soros is a Hungarian born New Yorker who has spent the better part of the past half century growing grassroots progressive campaigns around the world. Soros believes in bringing power back to the people and keeping the government accountable for what goes on at the highest levels of the political scene. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations as his way to give back and help spread progressive values around the world, now he is giving totally to the OSF. It was recently reported that Soros has donated nearly $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations over the past several years.

The Open Society Foundations was created by George Soros over thirty years ago. His goal in forming the charity was to create a network of foundations all around the planet that could unite in their attempt to fight for the core beliefs that progressives hold dearly: social justice, democracy, transparent government freedom of expression. The Open Society has been active in 120 countries around the globe and it has made a difference in some tremendously important battles. The Open Society has been active in apartheid era Africa as well as in support of the Roma people. More recently, Soros has been pushing the Open Society to get active here in the United States in response to the surge of hate crimes that have followed in the wake of Donald Trumps election and subsequent inauguration. Soros would donate nearly $10 million in the wake of Trump’s election victory in November and learn more about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations is one of Soros’ most lasting legacies and it figures to be the gift that keeps on giving, long after the billionaire hedge fund investor has decided to step back and retire. In recent years we’ve seen the OSF perform tremendous acts for people in the United States and abroad. In 2014 the OSF helped to fund Ebola Outbreak treatment centers while also stumping for marriage equality years prior. The OSF’s recent influx of donations from George Soros will be the fuel that helps to keep these movements alive. Soros released a statement back in November lamenting the election of Trump and subsequent tidal shift in America’s psyche by saying, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here.” It appears that the OSF is Soros’ path to fighting back and more information click here.

George Soros has been a prominent voice in the realm of progressive politics for years now, largely since he came out and railed against President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq so many years ago. Lately, Soros has stood behind both President Obama as well as Hillary Clinton’s election bid. Soros has been one of the most open and unabashed critics of the Trump regime. Soros is setting himself up to be a stalwart in progressive politics for years to come and progressives around the world should coalesce around his message and Follow him

Drew Madden: Implementing Innovation

Drew Madden is an innovator in his field and a leading healthcare IT entrepreneur currently serving as a managing partner of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. His passion for the healthcare IT field has fueled his drive to build distinguished teams that provide exemplary service, purposed by the notion that individuals are what matter. This person-centric way of thinking has allowed him to foster significant growth within his companies and secure trusted partnerships. His current company, Evergreen Healthcare Partners, is a great example of this attitude as they focus on the implementation of specialized healthcare technology and advise on EHR platforms. In a world where technology is often perceived cold or unfeeling, Madden’s team works to successfully integrate it with healthcare, a field that falls within the very heart of humanity.

As a dedicated family man, Madden pours that same level of devotion into the positions that he occupies. Prior to his employment with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, Madden served as Presidents of Nordic Consulting Partners from 2011 to 2016. Under his guidance Nordic experienced significant growth, expanding from just ten employees to more than 700. Because of Madden’s dedication to cultivating trusted partnerships, he was able to grow the company’s client partnerships from three to 150. This hard work and dedication lead to a #1 KLAS ranking for Epic Staffing and Implementation Services for Nordic in 2012 and 2014. Previously, Madden has also occupied other successfully positions as an EpicCare and Willow consultant.

Currently, Madden holds a B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with a special focus in Medical Systems. Fresh out of college, Madden started his career with Cerner Corporation as an Implementation Consultant. He uses this experience to help build a foundation that will allow him to be an effective leader for his company. Throughout his work, you can see a genuine passion for his work. Drew Madden is a man on the front lines of change and there is no doubt that as he continues to contribute to his field, his work will continue to prove that.

Rocketship Education is the dawn of San Jose

Low income or unemployment is the outcome of poor education in San Jose. This condition can be flipped by working together with all the partners in strengthening the public school. The situation is mostly connected with low-income families. That is why non-profit organizations like Rocketship Education are out to help.

This is a network charter public school, which has been working to create an ecosystem of quality public schools. The corroboration with community organizations, parents, and educators puts San Jose ahead. At the moment, low-income children can learn and get much knowledge in the English language. Learners, who are always will to follow their path to college, are most advantaged. Rocketship Education has helped in opening 25 new public charter schools which are said to be high-performing and serves low-income communities.

Studies conducted by CREDO shows that Rocketship Education has helped English learners and students in San Jose to gain and get more additional learning skills in both reading and math. This is achieved every year that a student or learner attends a school and in particular high performing charter. Because the services given by Rocketship Education charter schools are of high quality, students from outside San Jose are now coming so that they can learn and get prepared for college readiness.

Because of education as valued by many people, that is many prominent people around the world have come together to support it. For instance, Reed Hastings who is the CEO of Netflix gave a contribution worth $100 million which aimed at funding and improving the current standards of education. Priscilla Chan who is the current wife of Mark Zuckerberg has also made a move in sharing their wealth in boosting the value of education.

Facebook has also given engineers who will help in developing Summit Public Schools which are local charter schools. They aim to build personalized learning and study platform which will be used to share information with other schools across the country. The motto of Rocketship Education is work collectively so that they can improve the standards of education and strength innovation. Working as a team will help in changing San Jose and give it a new face regarding education,

Looking Unique With New Unicorn Hair Dye

Lime Crime’s loyal fan base is rejoicing over the new releases from the brand. Calling the fans ‘unicorns’, it is no surprise that Lime Crime has been introducing products to make every unicorn unique. This hasn’t exactly been a unique idea, however, as unicorn colored cosmetics have been a trend for some time; these products range from highlighters, lipsticks and the well known Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino. During this period, Lime Crime has been developing their unicorn hair dye, expanding to 13 shades in two separate formulations depending on whether you desire a full coverage of color or a more subtle tint.

These formulas now have additional eight shades, three of them being full coverage and the other five being tints. Full coverage shades include Bubblegum Rose, a bubblegum pink color, Valentine, a crimson red color, and Aesthetic which is a mauve color. The five tints include Tweet, which gives a vibrant yellow, Mint Ice, giving a frosted green effect, Cloud, which adds a periwinkle blue, Kawaii, a pastel violet shade, and lastly Moonchild which gives a tint of pastel lavender. Just like all the previous shades, the Unicorn Hair Dye is designed for a vibrant color and then to fade gracefully so that every customer is confident in beautiful hair. However, for best results, it is best to have bleached hair with no past color residue.

With bright and obnoxious colors being the trend to stay, these colors are beginning to grow a cult following just as passionate as the entire brand itself. With an overwhelmingly positive response on social media sites, it is clear that these products are not going anywhere, anytime soon! CEO and founder of Lime Crime Doe Deere has said that more shades are indeed coming, along with that she “cannot wait to see how our unicorns rock these new shades!”. With 21 now existing shades, there is a color and formula for everyone that is curious about the hair world without being a dull blonde or brunette. Show the unicorn pride with new Unicorn Hair Dye!


The Amazing Life of Greg Secker

The most surprising thing about Greg Secker is that while at the University of Nottingham, he studied agriculture and food sciences. Thomas Cook Financial Services is a company where he was offered a job which is where his financial journey began. He came up with the Virtual Trading Desk which for the record was the 1st online currency trading platform. It’s through this opportunity that he was able to work with different traders by coding their strategies to the system.

His exposure while coding is what made him familiarize himself with how the trading worked. When he got into Forex trading, he realized that you need a unique strategy for each trade. His vast experience is what helped him get a fortune from trading.

Greg’s famous quote is if you can earn any profit, why can’t you make a difference as well? He founded the Greg Secker Foundation whose main aim was focusing on youth empowerment. The foundation seeks to make more people have access to education and learn the skill of Forex trading.

Secker has 17 companies, a hedge fund and a brokerage. His future aim is mainly on coming up with an initiative to help the Filipino towards being successful. Greg has written various books all centered on educating people on how to gain entry into the Forex market.

Greg Secker is an international speaker and has been called on to speak on market channels like CNBC. He has been on the same platform with other well-known speakers like Robert Kiyosaki. His seminars focus on reduction of risk while making more profit.

He had become a multimillionaire in his twenties and currently, one of his companies is considered one of Europe’s best-performing companies. Some of his companies are Capital Index and Learn to Trade where he is the CEO and is involved in the daily activities of the companies.

Greg Secker major motivation towards being a speaker is that he is able to help others as he gives them advice on how to go about the trading to bring in more cash. He is quite a selfless man who gets gratification with helping other people succeed in life.

Richard Mishaan Design and Memorable Interior Design

Richard Mishaan is known for being among the planet’s finest designers and architects. Richard Mishaan’s architecture and interior design abilities are considered by many to be world-class in quality. People all over the world admire his breathtaking artwork. Mishaan lives in New York, New York. He comes from Colombia in South America. That’s where he was reared. He had an undeniable enthusiasm for architecture and design when he was extremely young. Richard Mishaan attended two prominent institutions of higher learning in the United States. These were New York University and the Columbia Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Both of these schools are located in the Big Apple.

Richard Mishaan is at the helm of a full-service firm that’s known simply as “Richard Mishaan Design.” This is a one-of-a-kind agency that finds attractive and memorable components in any and all things. The team at this firm has comprehensive expertise in diverse topics such as landscape architecture, interior design and architecture in general. People who want to learn how to put together captivating, fresh and visually appealing interior spaces can get a lot out of the insight this design firm offers. This company specializes in interior design schemes that can accommodate all types of preferences. If you’re interested in interior designs that are reminiscent of the past and of all things classic and enduring, Richard Mishaan and his team members can come through for you. If you have a dedication to interior design elements that are 100 percent updated and contemporary, this firm can help you with the same exact degree of intensity and skill and learn more about Richard Mishaan.

This firm has exhaustive collections that cover all of the bases. It gives people many high-quality choices in accessories, art pieces and even lighting products. If you’re looking for stunning illumination options, this company can help and resume him.

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Why Michel Terpins is a Prominent Figure in the Racing World

Michel Terpins is one of the renowned rally drivers, especially in Brazil. He is also among the competitors of the prototype T1 category. Michel has made a name for himself in various competitions including the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship, which he has participated in for the past four years. He first joined the rally world in 2002 by taking part in the motorcycle category during the Rally dos Sertoes grid. Michel went ahead to become a navigator for his brother and prominent rally driver, Rodrigo Terpins, before eventually becoming a rally driver himself.

The Sertoes Rally

In August 2017, Michel Terpins and his navigator Maykel Justo took part in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally. The rally was scheduled to be held across three states including Mato Grosso do Sul, Goias and Mato Grosso. It drew the participation of about 280 navigators and pilots across Brazil and abroad. Furthermore, the competition hosted an array of off-road automobiles such as UTVs, quadricycles, and motorcycles

The support park for the rally was set up at the Autodromo Internacional de Goiania while the arrival venue for participants was in Bonito (MS). Terpins and Justo took part in the rally on board a T-Rex made by MEM Motorsport.

Why Michel and Justo Make a Good Team

The 25th edition of the rally marked Michel Terpins 10th participation. On the other hand, Justo boasts a decade of experience in the Sertoes rally. As such, his experience and expertise have played a huge role in helping Michel to become the reigning champion of the Brazilian Cross Country T1 Rally Championships in the prototypes T1 category.

Michel Terpin’s Rally Team

Michel and his brother, Rodrigo Terpins are undeniably excellent racers/rally drivers. In fact, the two brothers are the brains behind the formation of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Four about four seasons, the Terpins brothers have been racing using the T-Rex, which is created by MEM Motorsport. The Bull Sertoes Rally Team has garnered numerous sponsors over the years including Bull Sertoes, Xarla, and 100% Eventos. Additionally, the support team comprises of Motul and Ohlins, Terpins &Cintra Advogados and MEM Motorsport.