The fast-paced advancement in technology has created a crop of creative and knowledgeable IT specialists who are changing the world. One such person is Eric Pulier. From his Linked in profile, he is an alumna of Teaneck High School (1980-1984) and Harvard University (1984-1988).


Eric discovered his passion while he was in fourth-grade through computer programming. He had developed his database computer company by the time he was joining the university, and this has pushed him to come up with an innovative software.


Eric is also multi-talented. While at Harvard University, he served as the editor of the school’s daily, Harvard Crimson which was his first step in being a published author. He is also a public speaker and a philanthropist.


One of Pulier’s startups is Xprize which is an application that encourages teens and adults to actualize their goals by rewarding their success. He also formed Service Oriented Architecture software and acquired other like- minded companies to be able to operate in a wider scope. He later sold the company to Rogue Ware.


Eric Pullier also came up with a social media platform for children suffering from chronic diseases to help them mingle and network amongst themselves. He was also involved in a great course with President Bill Clinton’s Foundation, Clinton Foundation to create affordable cloud computing platforms for the less fortunate.


Eric’s innovations are helping people to solve problems they encounter in their daily lives. He insists that there is untapped potential in technology. Experts need to apply their knowledge to improve lives. The Internet of Things is also revolutionizing the way we do business and relate. With people all over the world connecting, the world has become a small space where anyone who develops a software that makes life easier could reap a fortune. These software’s should be easy to use and available like what Eric came up with.


The future of the use of creative software developers is bright students and professionals are encouraged to concentrate on the practical application of what they study in class as early as possible. Eric’s life proves that the level of education should not limit a person’s ability to come up with life-saving ideas.




UKV PLC the Leading Wine Enterprise in the World

UKV PLC is the largest wine enterprise in London and the world. The firm specializes in selling the best wines from all parts of the world and offering consultancy to customers on the wine to buy for every occasion. The company has employed consultants who have a broad knowledge of wines, and they will always recommend the best wines for clients. Wine experts working for UKV PLC can be contacted through phone and if a customer wants to have a face to face consultancy they can book an appointment.

The UKV PLC wine firm works with a lot of people in the wine industry from brokers, traders, and merchants. These individuals help the company to complete its distribution chain to the customers who consumes the company’s products all over the world. Without this people, a consumer can not access their favorite wines or champagnes.

UKV PLC majorly deals in the business of selling wines and champagnes, but it also has a team that travels the world to collect the best wines to add to their stock. The wines from the company are in four broad categories; Italian, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Spanish. The wines are of high standards, and the company has all the knowledge about them from the time they were processed. The wine firm is very active on social media platforms, and their wines are promoted to potential customers throughout the year. The administrators of these pages give consumers all the information they need about wines ranging from the best wines for a particular meal, wines for different parties and they connect customers with the best online shops selling good wines.

UKV PLC has its head offices in AMP House that is along Dingwall Road. As the leading wine business in the world, it encourages the entrepreneurs to engage in the wine business that is very rewarding. There are opportunities for wine collectors who look for the best wines from Italy, France and UK ad other parts of the world. A collector looks for a leading wine brand that is rare and sells it to a client at an excellent price. Wines from this firm are from the best regarding quality and flavor, and they are recommendable for wine lovers all over the globe.

Highland Capital Management: Your Reliable Partner For Your Investment Needs

Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser and is registered with SEC. HCM together with its affiliates has around US$15.4 billion of assets managing by their team of professionals and experts. Founded in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero, Highland is one of the most experienced, largest and international alternative credit managers.


It specialized in credit strategies, including long-only separate accounts and funds, credit hedge funds, special situation and distressed private equity, and CLOs. Highland also provides alternative investments, plus emerging markets, short or long equities, and different type of natural resources. The diversified client base of HCM includes foundations, endowments, public pension plans, financial institutions, corporations, high net-worth and governments individuals. With headquarter in Dallas, Texas, Highland also maintains different branch offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore, New York, and Seoul.


HCM believes that community matters and they invest not just in financial market but way beyond that. They proudly invested in different communities where their employees work and live, and are committed making a difference through advisory board involvement, financial donations, and volunteerism to both national nonprofit organizations and local community organizations. Since 2005, HCM along with its partners have committed around US$10 million to organizations across the world, and that’s because Highland Capital Management is a worker-owned hedge fund manager.


HCM primarily manages accounts for joint investment vehicles. It caters to investment companies, banks, pension plans, foundations, insurance companies, and individuals who are the richest one in this world. The firm manages separately managed accounts, mutual funds, structured investment vehicles, and different type of hedge funds. HCM also invests in the fixed income, public equity and hedging markets around the world.


Highland Capital Management usually invests in high yield bonds, structured products, and leveraged loans. It employs a basic research-driven value-oriented move to make its investments user-friendly and easily accessible for the end user. The company formerly was also known as Protective Asset Management Company. Highland Capital was based in Dallas and founded in 1993. And due to the hard work and dedication of its employees, Highland Capital Management has more than five branch office in different part of the world and growing.




Adam Milstein’s Secret To Success

Adam Milstein posits that he did not make it to the corporate world by sheer luck. Instead, he worked hard for his success. The managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties recalls the challenges that he faced as a student at the University of Southern California. Being a foreigner, many companies underrated his prowess and skills. They offered him low salaries. Adam, then a master’s degree student, considered it an insult to be offered a salary lower than those offered to undergraduates working in the field. This situation discouraged him from joining the firms. They motivated him to curve his own career path, which allowed him to earn what he deserves. He started his career as a commercial real estate agent in Southern California in 1983.

Adam posits that he used his predicaments to found Hager Pacific Properties. The real estate expert believed that, by venturing into business, he would be able to utilize his business knowledge and life experience. Over the years, the real estate investor has been able to develop different products and services that have satisfied the utility of the clients.

During his interview with Ideamensch, Adam Milstein revealed how he makes his day productive. In his earlier days as an investor, he did not have much work at his disposal. This way, he had a lot of free time. However, as he acquired more assets, he focused much of his time to his business. For Adam, a productive day is not one that has a good business deal, but one that involves philanthropy. Every day, Milstein sets aside a few minutes for charity. Over the years, Adam has been helping the less fortunate members of the society.

Consistency and persistency have been the secrets behind Milstein’s success. Adam posits that it is a herculean task to succeed in each venture. He asserts that a true entrepreneur learns from his or her failures. Unlike many managers, he does not believe in delegation of duties. Adam undertakes all responsibilities by himself, as he believes that he is best suited to do them. This way, Adam has been able to put Hager Pacific Properties on a growth trajectory.


Eliminating Attrocities In Today’s Modern World

In today’s world, there are many atrocities that are a daily occurrence. These include false imprisonments, child trafficking, slavery and many other things that are cruel and inhumane. One person, who is in the fight to assist people to preserve their individual rights, is Thor Leonardo Halverson. Thor at Facebook .

Born in Venezuelan, Mr. Halverson experienced injustice firsthand when, in 1993, his father was falsely accused of money laundering and was beaten and tortured. This was followed, in 2004, with his mother being shot, by government representatives, during a peaceful protest march.

Halverson is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with top honors and degrees in History and Political Science. Throughout his career, he has been active in organizations, such as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a U. S. civil liberties organization, and established the Human Rights Foundation of which he is currently president and CEO. This latter foundation was incorporated in 2005.

In addition to being a well-known lecturer, Mr. Halverson is also known for his many films, which he produced or co-produced. All of his films are situations regarding human rights.

A few of these are:

  • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress (currently in production)
  • Freedom’s Fury
  • Hammer & Tickle
  • Indoctrinate U (a documentary)
  • The Singing Revolution
  • The Sugar Babies
  • 2081

Recognized throughout the world for his lifetime devotion to human injustices, Thor has been awarded many honors for his service. These have included the University of Pennsylvania’s Sol Feinstone Award for the protection of student speech and the 2010 Romanian Presidential silver medal to honor the Romanian Revolution of 1989. Click Here for more article.

Mr. Halverson is well known for his writings concerning human atrocities around the globe. A couple of recent ones are:

  • Paraguay is not Honduras: President Lugo’s Impeachment was not a Coup
  • League of Human Rights Defenders, Requiem for Reprobate: Ethiopian Tyrant Should Not be Lionized

All of Mr. Halverson’s articles, films and lectures are dedicated to the purpose of informing the world of the human atrocities taking place in modern society. With the hard work of people, such as him, it is hoped that justice will be provided for everyone throughout the world. for more.

USEALTH Group Insurance

US health group is a private health insurance provider with 500-1000 employees. It is based in Fort Worth Texas; it has subsidiaries of freedom life insurance of America and national foundation life insurance. It strives to find solutions for families, self-employed individuals, small business owners and their employees by providing them with specified diseases, innovative life, accident and disability covers.The UShealth group understand that clients have diverse needs when it comes to accident and sickness coverage and specified diseases.Ushealth group strives to offer real value to customers with a wide array of options to choose. The product design innovativeness helps to address each client’s needs ,flexibility reliability and affordability in the selection of their insurance covers.

There is a first dollar benefit for families with the limited budget or those concerned with the inability of sustaining annual deductibles. Also, there is considerable network discount across the spectrum of providers. Hence these types of insurance covers are, more affordable than comprehensive plans while still providing top notch protection and assurances.For families or customers who want customization or tailored coverage and can afford cost sharing to a specified level. Then UShealth group unique selection of accident, sickness and disease plans provides flexible reliable and affordable solutions. Thus their assurance and approach to customer satisfaction.UShealth group range of coverage offers protections against specified disease, accident, critical illness, vision plans, income protector, short-term accident, term life insurance, income protector dental.In a competitive market characterized by low customer loyalty and high customer turnover, US health group of insurance companies distinguish themselves by building long-term relationships with its clients hence creating trust and the reliable delivery creates dependability.

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UShealth group offers life, supplemental, specified disease, and sickness products through a wholly owned subsidiary USHealth Advisor. Insurance coverage is a complex industry, and UShealth advisors agents give customers outstanding buying experience by offering guidance and expertise hence creating trust.UShealth advisors thus are recognized for their exceptional work and recognized as a world leader in business growth, customer care, and innovation. This fact is supported by many individual and families who every day turn to US health advisors hence enabling US health group to satisfy their needs of insurance coverage.UShealth group is a leader in customer service, its ability to turn problems into solutions, innovativeness, and customization makes them a reliable flexible and a trusted partner in health matters and finance. It ranks among the elite companies in America for customer service. They are a leader in the insurance industry.

What John Goullet Has Done For IT Staffing

Finding good employees to fill the needs of a company’s IT department can be tricky like any other job because the IT industry is so diverse from programming to engineering, networking and server administration. But that’s why John Goullet is helping both employers and potential employees cut the time and the costs to job recruiting by taking care of the recruiting at Diversant, LLC, the company serves with as Executive Principal and Chairman alongside CEO Gene Waddy. Diversant, LLC is known as the largest African-American owned staffing firm and here is where young talented college graduates, former military veterans and foreign workers can be instantly connected with clients who need their skills.


John Goullet was once putting his skills to use with technical problems and building systems with other fortune 500 clients, and notable IT firms he worked with include the Computer Sciences Corp, Cap Gemini America, the Constell Group and TSR Consulting. Goullet had gone through the hiring process and felt he could help various companies find who they were looking for with a company of his own, so in 1994 he launched Info Technologies Inc. The company didn’t have a lot of funding at the outset, but Goullet was able to market it to many clients and as more clients became satisfied with the candidates Info Technologies attracted, its income grew. In 5 years Info Technologies was worth $30 million and made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing fortune 500 companies.


16 years into its existence, Goullet saw a chance to bring even more candidates from the minority communities aboard and encourage the schools in those communities to promote careers in IT, so in 2010 he brought Info Technologies together with Waddy’s company to establish Diversant, LLC. Within the next few years Diversant started opening offices all across the nation and is continuing to do so today. What’s made Diversant attractive is their benefits packages and compensation plans that consultants can signup for, and those include tuition cost payments and insurance plans. Diversant, LLC also participates in local business initiatives including the New Jersey Tech Council and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.

Thor Halvorssen Seeks To Extend The Reach Of The Human Rights Community

The work of the human rights community is not an area where headlines are normally made on a regular basis, but for many the rise of Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation have taken the role of activists to an entirely new level of success. The Human Rights Foundation established by Halvorssen in 2005 has become a key part of the work of the human rights activist community and reflects the political position of Thor Halvorssen; a liberal at heart, Halvorssen is not a believer in the need for those who follow a specific form of political ideology to be exempt from the pressure placed on governments with a more right wing approach to life.

Thor Halvorssen comes from one of the most famous political families in Europe and South America as his parents, grandparents, and other family members have occupied some of the most important political positions in Norway and Venezuela. The fact he has studied political science at the University of Pennsylvania seems to have had little effect on his own attitude towards politics with the film producer failing to be interested in politics as a career; instead, Halvorssen simply looks to work with people who have a passion for human rights activism instead of working solely with those who share his liberal views. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn.

Politics plays a role in the film production work of Thor as the majority of his films have used human rights and the loss of democracy as their basis for building tension. Currently moving into the realm of fiction films by working with director Bryan Singer, Halvorssen made his name as a producer with his work on a number of documentaries largely based on the human rights issues faced by millions of people living in the eastern bloc during the cold war of the 20th century. A further area of interest that combines both the human rights work and political outlook of Thor Halvorssen is his establishment of the Moving Picture Institute that provides financial backing for films being produced about the subject of human rights. for more.

The lasting symbiosis of fashion and technology

Modern culture is largely influenced by fashion and technology. Those two seemingly unrelated categories have been the biggest topics of discussion on social media if we don’t count controversial topics. Over the many years of development of both fashion and technology, the two entities have today come together and become inseparable in some cases. Fashion designers no longer wish to stick strictly to conventional fabrics. An increasing number of fashion designers have been reaching for more unconventional resources to use them for their creations. On the other side of the spectrum, technology developers have become more mindful on how their products look instead of neglecting the visual aspect. The have started opting in for elegance and precision in order to make them more appealing and to have a sense or art in what they put on the market.



In one of his more recent articles, serial entrepreneur Chris Burch takes a journey through time and goes back to the 70s – the era of the boom box. He traces the development of the boom box from a chunky heavy machine oriented only towards its function to play music, to its modern version which is the sleek modern gadget that easily fits in the pocket of your jeans and is only a tiny fraction of the size on the boom box. Another topic in Chris Burch’s article is the obvious change on the fashion runways. Many fashion designers have expanded their creativity to a point where they have started using unorthodox materials such as recycled plastic or metals or old newspapers. Amazing things can happen, in fact, when fashion and technology go hand in hand. A type of clothing was created that can turn kinetic energy into a usable power source through its movement. The electric energy the clothing creates is not enough to be used for big things, but it can easily charge a mp3 player, a watch or another type of small gadget.



Chris Burch, the creator of Burch’s Creative Capital which is an umbrella company for the most popular brands he owns, is extremely passionate about the development of fashion and technology together. He also has a lot of interest in interior design and different kinds of supplies such as stationary supplies. He enjoys creating products with a lot of styles and has an eye for both beauty and effective function. He is also a very successful startup investor.


Jeffry Schneider: A Life of Dedication and Service to People

Every once in awhile you come across a person who is a mix of everything a person would ever hope to be in a lifetime. A man, such as, Jeffry Schneider is one of these people. His dedication to his work, his love for people, his adventurous spirit, and his knack for innovation and outside-of-the-box thinking is an inspiration to everyone whose life he has touched. As CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC., he is revolutionizing the way that business is done. Under his leadership, the team at Ascendant has earned $1 billion and looks forward to having a ground-breaking year.

It’s not only the profit that Jeffry Schneider helps over 50 broker dealers, 250 investment advisors, and limitless family offices earn, but it’s also the work environment he has created for his employees. With over thirty people working for Ascendant, it’s a wonder that each and every one of them feels cared for and as if they were part of something greater than themselves alone. Jeffry’s desire to push himself to his limits is contagious and encourages everyone around him to do the same. His tireless attention to detail has made him one of the top alternative investment advisors in the industry, and with over 24 years of experience in the financial services field it’s no wonder that he knows his stuff.

When Jeffry is not helping people at work, he is helping them in his free time. He donates his money and time to many different charitable causes and as a philanthropist has supported the Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, Gods Love We Deliver, the Gazelle Foundation, and Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program. Many of these charities are located in his home state of Texas, and some of them are based around the globe. For Jeffry, it’s not about how much you donate to help people, it’s just about that you do it. While he has donated lots of money to organizations that help people, he aims to inspire other people to do anything they can to help.

Jeffry Schneider received his Bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and currently calls Austin, Texas his home.

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