Eucatex – A Prominent And Leading Firm In Brazil

Flavio Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex since April 29th, 2005. Mr. Maluf is the chairman of the Board of Executive Officers at Eucatex S.A Industria. He is the Vice Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia and also the CEO of Eucatex Quimica e Mineral.


He is the Vice President of Eucatex S.A Industria e Commercial. He has been the Director of Eucatex S.a Industria e Commercio since the year 2005. He has worked for Sistema S.A Corretora de Titulos e Valores and also Citibank New York.



Maluf has done his graduation in Mechanical Engineering at Fudacao Armando Alvares. He has done a specialized course in people management and also accounting for the non-accountants. He has also studied foreign exchange principles and also Foreign trade laws.


Eucatex is a highly creative firm that makes utilization of unusual materials to develop their items like the tiles. One material that the company makes use of is the Eucalyptus and that is a very unusual kind of wood.



The company makes use of some other materials like various types of paints. The products that they develop are equipped with home products, and they make some of the items for the industry. The firm has been there for a longer duration. The firm is over fifty years old. They have the ability to do the exportation of the items to different nations that are not in Brazil. The things that they make are friendly to the environment.



The firm is presently operated by Flavio Maluf. He has done a tremendous assistance to assist the company to advance and develop. He has done a lot to make Eucatex excellent to the environment. It was awful for the healthy environment to be considered seriously by the various industries.



The firm came into existence in the year 1951. There are some regulations for the industries. Eucatex knew the potential for the manufacturers to cause harm to the environment. The items that they manufactured got the effect on the environment. The firm can make the things safe for the environment and also make great profits.


How Jose Borghi Became a Successful Advertising Expert in Brazil

Jose Borghi is acknowledged as one of the top influential advertisers in Brazil. He is the proud founder of the Mullen Lowe agency, which was formerly known as Borghi Lowe. Jose Borghi is known for creating campaigns that garnered significant attention such as Mammals of Parmalat, which comprised of children who were dressed as stuffed animals and singing memorable jingles. Sazon is also another impressive campaign that included the song by Zeze di Camargo and Luciano.

Jose Borghi was not sure about which career to pursue in his early days. However, advertising proved to be an ideal option. This was after he attended a performance held at the Castro Neves Theater while still in junior school. The presentation involved a showcase of commercial Vts. Little did Jose Borghi know that he would, later on, win one of the Cannes Lions and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Career Background

Jose Borghi is graduated from PUC-Campinas in propaganda and advertising. He later landed his first job in 1989 at the Standart Ogilvy agency. Due to his exceptional skills, Jose moved to other celebrated companies like Talent, Leo Burnett, FCB and DM9/DDB.

After working for other advertising agencies, Jose and Erh Ray, his partner, decided to open an agency called BorghiErh. At the time, they did not have any godfather, bank or investors. Although Jose and Erh built their ad agency from scratch, it became successful to the point that it was acquired by Lowe to form Borghi Lowe in 2006. The acquisition and rebranding happened after Jose Borghi split the presidency of the agency with Erh Ray.

Currently, Borghi Lowe has grown into a dominant adverting agency not only locally but also globally. It recently merged with the Mullen group and Lowe & Partners to form Mullen Lowe. The merger led Jose to become the co-chief executive officer of Mullen Lowe alongside Andre Gomes and more information click here.

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Thor Halvorssen Works With A Purpose

If there is anything that could help a person make a difference in the lives of others, it is having a purpose. Thor Halvorssen definitely has a purpose and works with it. His purpose is to play a part in the fight for a more humane world where every human is treated as equals. Unfortunately, there are many cultures where humans are treated as objects. There are a ton of underdeveloped countries that are ruled by tyrannical dictators. They do everything they can in order to make sure that they have control over even the thoughts of the humans they rule over.

To make things even worse, a lot of those countries are impoverished. Dictatorship governments like North Korea are faced with a famine. The Kim Dynasty has definitely run the country to the ground. Thor is one of the many activists that are working on finding a way to put an end to the rule of the Kim Dynasty. Thor Halvorssen is also working on fighting against the corruption of government so that the people who live under these rules can have the freedom to decide for themselves what they want for their lives.

Among the other issues that Halvorssen is fighting is slavery. There are countries that are still involved in the slave trade and human trafficking. Thor and his Human Rights Foundation are looking for ways to put a stop to all of human rights violations throughout the globe. Thor is doing it with a lot of passion and energy. He is also doing it out of his love for people. He is also trying to change the image of human rights activism from the person who loves to talk about the issues to someone who is willing to take action and even put his neck on the line for the rights of others. for more .

Two Critical Tips For Businesses In 2017

 Flavio Maluf recently presented American Magazine Inc with some excellent advice as to what sectors look to get hot or continue heating up well into 2017. His word is certainly one that can be trusted as he is a Brazilian business and mentor to many while also holding a role as the president of Eucatex. That company works with the impressive magic of eucalyptus wood fibers in order to produce a myriad of products ranging from insulation to recyclable baseboards and beyond. So, where should one look for opportunities and innovations? The information is all here.


Technological Innovation


Maluf understands that technology is vital in the modern workplace, and there still exists a significant portion of employees who simply do not have the aptitude or time to dedicate themselves to learning all of the ins and outs that come with it. This means that 2017 is an even better time than ever for platforms and tools which provide the simplicity for non-techs to get things to get things done.


Remote Work


Remote work is taking off more than ever, and there are now so many ways for employees to accomplish things that they used to have to be present at an office to get done. More people want to be able to live out their dreams no matter where that takes them, and so the idea of being tied to one location is just not as attractive as it once might have been. Flavio Maluf encourages management to get the logistics down to an art so that the proper meetings, tracking, and other necessary functions can adapt to this scene. It will be hard to compete with other companies who can hire anyone from anywhere if a company cannot do it also.


Eucatex is a great company which has won many awards and contracts under his astute leadership. They are into sustainability and giving back to the environment just as much as they are into manufacturing innovative products. Companies that are looking to follow in a similar trajectory should definitely take this advice and setup for growth into 2017 and beyond.

Beneful-The Brand That Has Meaning

If you are an animal lover, then you understand that dogs are more than just creatures who were created second in the food chain to humans. They’re family! You love them and they love you back even more! Your relationship with your dog has meaning as should the food products that you choose for them. Unlike most canine food, the brand Beneful has meaning in its name and product.

The Meaning Behind the Name

How do businesses come up with names for their companies? Most like to use something personal as a name for their business. For example, Jimmy John’s pizza is named after the founder of the company Jimmy John Liautaud. Likewise, Starbucks is named after the owner’s favorite character in Moby Dick. So, where does the name Beneful come from? The definition of their name solely rests on the what the product means to your dog’s health and happiness. The root word “bene” is of Latin origin; which means “to be well”. The suffix “ful” means “to be full of something”. Putting the two together means to “be full of wellness” or “to be healthy”.

The Product Behind the Name

Not only was Beneful created with a positive connotation, but it’s product also supports the wellness behind the name. Beneful dog food contains nutrients such as: rice, wheat, soybean, and meat-concentrates. These elements provide a high level of protein and a low-level fat that helps dogs to stay healthy and live longer.

Beneful is one of the few companies from the beginning that was designed with your pet’s health in mind. From the meaning of their name down to the supplements in their food, Beneful has marketed itself as a product that cares about the wellbeing of your pooch. Reassured that when you choose Beneful, you and your dog will get the brand that has meaning.

UKV PLC – Buy Rare And Investment Grade Wines At Reasonable Prices

For people who want to know more about French wines and its classification, going through the UKV PLC’s guide to French wine is a good idea. The guide says that the first difference between French wines and other wines is that they are classified as per the region of origin, and not the grape variety. It is because of the French theory of Terroir, which is being followed through centuries, says that the taste of wine largely depends on the place where the grapes are grown, soil that is used for grape cultivation, the climate of the region, and so on. See More Info Here.

Such factors make a lot of difference in the taste wine develops as it matures. The French Appellation System helps the wine connoisseurs further to understand the different regions of origin in France. Some of the most common areas of origin in France are Bordeaux, Champagne, Loire, and Burgundy.

UKV PLC has been selling wines for many years now and is a favorite wine retailer across the United Kingdom and Europe. UKV PLC sources its wines from many different parts of the globe and even stocks the investment grade wines, collectible, and rare wines for the wine connoisseurs. UKV PLC also has specialist wine consultants, who can help the buyers to understand different wines better and assist them to buy the best wine as per their taste, preference, and budget. UKV PLC is a customer-centric wine retailer and to ensure that clients get the best service, they offer individual buyers as well as the wine collectors and traders with prompt, professional, and attentive customer care services.


James Dondero Brings an Innovative Twist to Finances

Succeeding in the financial world of investments can be difficult to downright impossible for some people. Not only is it hard to get a footing in the industry, the industry is also cutthroat — constantly spitting people out. So how did the quiet and mild mannered James Dondero make it with his company — Highland Capital Management? Dondero established the company over 20 years ago and he is still the acting President today — leading countless people to prosperity through his diverse and innovative approach to portfolio cultivation. Let’s take a look at the quiet force behind Highland Capital Management.


First, we should start off by talking about what makes Dondero so innovative. The Texas based portfolio manager is almost always elated to talk about how his mutual fund works with investors who are willing to ride a different sort of wave. Highland Global Allocation, the name of Dondero’s fund, is currently worth nearly $894 million. The fund represents just under 200 different securities which is unusual for most mutual funds — they typically work with upwards of 400 total securities. Of these 200 securities that are used at Highland Global Allocation (HCOAX on the ticker) Dondero likes to focus nearly 40% of his investments into just a handful of the selected securities. This sounds pretty wild, right? But it works out wonderfully.


Highland Global Allocation tends to rise and fall in dramatic swings, but these are expected and they are planned for. Look at how HCOAX fared in 2014 — they were one of the top investment funds in the world. Then Dondero switched gears, investing into energy, and the company ended up near the bottom of the leaderboard. In 2016 they were back on top. For those willing to endure this bit of stability the rewards are almost too good to be true.


James Dondero was born in in the city of Hoboken, NJ. Dondero went the University of Virginia where he studied accounting as well as finance before graduating. Dondero founded Highland Capital Management way back in 1993 and since then the fund has been steadily growing.

A Look At How Spinal Surgeon Dr. Greg Finch Helps His Patients

Orthopedic surgery involves the muscles and skeleton in a patient. Surgery corrects problems that have arisen either due to deformity, accidents, age, and disease. One of the more common types of orthopedic surgery it total shoulder replacements. This can help patients who have shoulder problems including pain, breaks, and lack movement range. Once a patient recovers from this type of surgery they are typically able to resume living a normal life within a few weeks after the surgery has been performed.

Another common type of orthopedic surgery is ACL reconstruction. Damage to the ACL, which is a major ligament in the lower legs that helps stabilize the knee, is often damaged by athletes. The surgeon reattaches this ligament after it has been reconstructed. In order to reconstruct an ACL, the surgeon can either use the patient’s own tissue or that of a donor.

Dr. Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in spinal surgery for both children and adults. He earned his FRACS in Orthopedic Surgery from the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in Melbourne, Australia. After Dr. Greg Finch graduated he performed spinal surgery in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. His special interest is in minimally invasive spine surgery through which his patients can generally recover very quickly.

As a spinal surgeon, Dr. Greg Finch is part of a number of organizations including the North American Spine Society and the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. Dr. Gre Finch currently works for the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital which is located in Buderim, Queensland in Australia. The hospital that Dr. Greg Finch works for is a nonprofit which puts patients first. At this hospital he is also able to use the latest in robotic surgeries assistants in order to provide treatment to his patients.


Securus Technologies Is One of The Most Optimal Forms of Communications That Is Being Offered In Select Correctional Facilities Today

Securus Technologies is bringing technologically advanced forms of communications to the forefront of communicative systems in today’s correctional facilities. Many correctional facilities have decided to implement Securus Technologies into the many forms of communications they offer to their inmates and their visitors, and it just so happens to be one of the most preferred ones for those who have been able to utilize it.


Securus Technologies takes out a visitor’s necessity of traveling to a correctional facility to visit an inmate by giving them an opportunity of communicating with their significant other, friend, and/or relative through their very own computer and from the comfort of their very own home if that is what their preferred location or communicating is.


If you would like to learn more about Securus Technologies, please do not hesitate to see what the program is offering by reading the press releases that are on their website. Customer service representatives are available to assist if and when needed. If you are not sure about whether the Securus Technologies communications system is currently being offered for utilization at the correctional facility the inmate in question is currently incarcerated in, please visit the website and click on the list of correctional facilities that have incorporated it into their communications systems. The system is currently offering a myriad of benefits that cannot necessarily be attained from other forms of communications. It has been a great catalyst of solving crimes, as law enforcement agencies are capable of utilizing the conversations that take place and handing them over to the courts if needed for investigation. It is an easy to use platform that has been engineered and designed to provide users with an opportunity of engaging in some great conversation with one another.


Vinny Parascandola Brings Understanding To Insurance Matters

The insurance industry provides a needed service to many people around the world. While many people need insurance, a lot of these people do not understand the insurance industry or all the aspects of insurance. There are numerous problems that can occur for people who do not have insurance when something happens where insurance coverage could have been helpful.


Depending on the particular situation, the lack of insurance can cause an array of problems. In almost all situations related to insurance, one of the main problems that people can have without insurance is being held responsible for all financial expenses related to a situation or event. Financial responsibility for such things as a car accident, medical health problems, home problems, or lost life can result in significant financial cost to an individual.


There are many different expenses that can occur related to any situation. Insurance is something that provides people with multiple areas of assistance. Although many people initially think about the financial aspect of insurance, there are numerous other things where having insurance can benefit people.


Insurance gives people access to professionals who understand a great deal about situations and events that can happen in life. These people can provide advice, recommendations, assistance, financial support, comfort, and a variety of other things during times when situations or events occur in the lives of people that are unexpected and have a negative impact.


AXA Advisors is a worldwide insurance company that helps people around the world with all kinds of situations with the aid of insurance. AXA Advisors has been a well known name in the insurance industry for many decades. There are a lot of reasons why AXA Advisors has been and continues to be a top name in the insurance industry. One of the main reasons why AXA Advisors is a leading insurance company is its willingness to provide outstanding customer service.


The idea of excellent customer service is stressed at every level of AXA Advisors. From senior level management down, AXA Advisors has people who understand the importance of customer service.


One of these people is Vinny Parascandola. An insurance veteran who has been in the insurance industry for close to 30 years, Vinny Parascandola is a senior vice president at AXA Advisors who has great responsibility. One of the things that Vinny Parascandola does on a consistent basis is to help train the professionals who work at AXA Advisors.