Jason Hope and his contributions to anti-aging research

Jason Hope is a highly acclaimed philanthropist, entrepreneur, futurist, and investor who in 2010 donated $500,000 to the foundation of SENS. Thanks to his contribution, Aubrey de Grey, Co-founder and Chief of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation) was able to provide the SENS laboratory and put into use a brand new research program that focuses on the disintegration of AGE’s (advanced glycation end products) in the human tissue. AGES is known to be a major cause in aging and deterioration of various diseases like Alzheimer’s, chronic kidney disease, and diabetes which break down the body and causes us to age faster than we should. These diseases affect the way our bodies function and unlike traditional medicine which treats these diseases after they happen, Hope along with SENS focus on stopping them before they even happen.

Hope has also made a named for himself as a competent and proficient futurist using his desire for an understanding of technology to predict the future of where technology will be heading. Based on the developments of today he considers that the loT (internet of things) may very well play a key role in the future of modern society. His advice and visions about technology have been valuable to prevail businesses and individuals who are looking to gain capital on what’s in store on that technology of the future.

In some of his interviews with Medium.com and Tech.co, he talks about his grant program where he goes on to say that he understands how hard it is to build a business from an idea for young and aspiring individuals in this day in age. Hope believes that the future of technology lies in the great ideas of young minds and entrepreneurs like him. His advice to all young and inspiring entrepreneurs is to focus on one project at a time.

Contact Jason Hope : www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

Sujit Choudhry’s take on democratic decline

Democracy is in crisis. In his book chapter to be published in Constitutional Democracy in Crisis, Sujit Choudhry explains his reasons for this belief (works.bepress.com). This chapter focuses on Eric Holder’s tweet in December 2017. Mr Holder served as the former Attorney General in President Barack Obama’s reign. In his tweet, Mr Holder called for mass action in regard to what he called the red line. His tweet stated that the termination of Robert Mueller, White House Special Counsel, would be crossing the line. Mr Holder urged Americans to hold peaceful demonstrations if the Special Counsel is terminated.

According Sujit Choudhry, world democracy is backsliding. Instead of rulers turning to dictatorship, they are using the constitution to stick to power. Once elected, the governing constitution gives a limit to the reigning president’s term. To ensure that the president regains office, the political party in power introduces technicalities that either allow them to tamper with the elections or declare a state of emergency. This robs the electorate of their democratic rights. They are forced to give way to the reigning political party’s desire. In a way, they are being dictated.

In his book, the professor gives an example of the Polish government. The government used political technicalities, including capturing the constitutional tribunal, to eliminate the opposition and to ensure its rule continues in the coming elections. This undermines the people’s right to choose freely who to rule over them. It also prevents them from freely expressing their opinion concerning the leadership.

Mr Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law in the University of California. He specializes on constitutional law. He has done research in comparative constitutional and law (blogs.law.nyu.edu). His research focuses on the constitution as a tool of transition from violent political environments to democratic environments. Mr Choudhry has also done research and written extensively on the Canadian law.

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of Centers for Constitutional Transitions. Through this institution, Mr Choudhry has been a constitutional advisor for decades. He has facilitated public talks with different stake holders of a government, trained civil servants and offered technical advice to ensure the constitutional demands are fulfilled.

More about Sujit and his role as a constitutional advisor on http://constitutionaltransitions.org/director/#Choudhry

The Remarkable Investment Insights Offered by Stansberry Research

Donald Trump made a significant announcement about the plans to impose trade tariffs on imports such as aluminum and steel. President Trump added that steel would attract tariffs of 25 percent while a 10 percent tariff would be applied to aluminum. The terms were said to apply to all trading partners of the U.S.

However, congressional Republicans strongly opposed the proposal. The administration team of Mr. Trump also opposed the proposal. As a result, people believe that president Trump will change the plan. Trump’s economic adviser, Gary Cohn, sharply criticized the plan saying that it is not viable. While serving at the White House, Gary led several changes such as rewriting financial rules and revamping the United States tax code.

Increased federal budget deficits which were approved by Mr. Donald may lead to a rise in interest and inflation rate as a result of his willingness to cause a ‘trade war.’ If such tariffs are also imposed on Chinese imports, there could be increased adverse impacts to the economy of the U.S. Additionally, the move could lead to a loss to the majority but only benefit countable Americans. The move could as well trigger retaliation from the U.S trading partners (http://dailywealth.co/reclusive.html). Since Mr. Cohn was set to step down, his departure could cause negative impacts, especially to investors. Most people admired Mr. Cohn for the way he handled trade-related issues.

Stansberry Research is based in the United States. The headquarters of this privately owned company is based in Maryland. Other offices of Stansberry Research are located in California, Oregon, and Florida. The firm mainly focuses on investment research and releases advisory newsletters on a monthly basis. Some of the topics that Stansberry Research specializes in include power, biotechnology, natural resources, oil, and mining companies. The company’s newsletter reaches subscribers from all over the world.

Stansberry Research was established in 1999. The company was founded by Frank Porter Stansberry who also plays a significant role in writing opinion articles about financial issues. The company offers research and investment recommendations to companies and private investors. Stansberry Research aims at ensuring that all its subscribers to get the safest investment insights. Globally, the company has approximately 500,000 subscribers.




Jorge Moll & The Benefits of Giving

By definition, a neurologist is a medical professional who specializes in treating and watching the nervous system and its diseases. On the outside, this may seem like a specific profession that focuses on mainly one thing. However, neurologist and medical expert Jorge Moll have proven that there is much more to what he does. As one of the most recognized experts in his field, Jorge Moll has contributed to many different areas in and outside of the medical field. Because of his extensive knowledge of neuroscience and other specific areas, Jorge Moll has been able to help advance many different medical sciences. Based in Brazil, it is also important to note that his brilliant work has reached far beyond his home country. With an established presence on a global scale, Jorge Moll continues to show why he is one of the best in his profession. In fact, his work has gotten him well deserved recognition and awards such as Research & Education Awards and also awards from the Neuroscience Institute in Stanford. Needless to say, Jorge Moll is simply good at what he does. Furthermore, there is more on one of the many ways Jorge Moll is contributing in and outside of his profession.


More on Jorge Moll & Giving a healthy way of life

Among his many accomplishments, Jorge Moll has been very beneficial in the biology area as well. In an article on 5 ways giving is good for you, we get to see first-hand how Jorge Moll helped in this conclusion. According to the article, the act of giving has so many benefits. Out of its beneficial gains, the article discusses how giving makes us feel great, evokes good physical emotion, and it can catch on. Although this is not completely new to people, the article also explains how giving is one of the best things for your benefit. As for Jorge Moll, he contributed in this area by conducting experiments that proved the validity of each and every one of these benefits of giving (https://twitter.com/jorgemoll). Overall, Jorge Moll concluded that you should not be surprised by benefiting from the good that comes with giving.


Changing the Face of Canvassing, NGP VAN, Pilots its Distributed Canvassing App

In 2010, technology met and married activism, when NGP Software and The Voter Activation Network became NGP VAN, a platform catering to the specific needs of progressive and democratic fund-raising and non-profit entities, with highly advanced technical solutions aimed at improving essential areas of campaign and money-raising.

NGP VAN is known for creating user-friendly tools that help campaign workers and fundraisers to monitor their support systems, canvass voters, handle online donations, ensure regulatory compliance,and much more. Their list of users encompasses a virtual who’s who of environmentally conscious and socially progressive causes and democratic bigwigs, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, President Barack Obama, The National Audubon Society, Comic Relief, Greenpeace and Girls Inc.

Politicians and advocates know that complacency is never an option. Restructuring, refining and reorganizing outreach programs and campaigns is an ongoing process. Refusing to rest on their laurels is an NGP VAN attribute as well. In 2017 NGP VAN collaborated with the DNC to create a campaign tool that became “Knock.” The downloadable app, designed to take some of the headache out of turf-cutting, allowed users to login and find the nearest ten voters, using a pre-allocated population.

Since its initial incarnation, Knock has evolved into “Distributed Canvassing,” now in a Beta pilot program. Distributed Canvassing streamlines the process from office to field by eliminating a number of time-consuming steps. Users can assign the parameters of a specific voter population, or universe, devise a script and then decide upon the number of contacts each field worker should make. Distributed Canvassing attaches numerals to lists that it creates. The field organizer provides workers with their list numeral. Based on where a canvas worker is stationed, the app cuts the turf.

Distributed Canvassing’s flexible universe parameters have enabled app-users to handle statewide and town-specific campaigns equally well. Larger and smaller teams have made use of the app, as have dedicated single users. While assuming the role of turf-cutter is a huge part of what makes Distributed Canvassing a new ace in the sleeve of campaigners and fund-raisers, it also assists with data entry and eliminates a lot of superfluous training.

Read what it’s like to work at NGP VAN:



Sean Penn: Critical Review of the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has written his first novel, entitled “, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The book revolves around Bob, who shares the same character as Sean Penn. Critics, like Trevor Noah have panned Bob Honey Who Just Do stuff, the book with the weird title, and they are stating that the story is a little bit trippy, and people are enjoying how the novel would put them in disbelief, amazement, and delight. The novel is also recommended for those people who prefer reading cult classics, and according to Sean Penn, they will love the story behind Bob Honey. The satirical madness embedded in each page of the novel can be observed in detail to find out the truth that the writer wanted to tell the people. It requires a deep sense of understanding to unravel the secrets behind each page of the novel.

Initially being released as an audiobook back in 2016, Sean Penn had the chance to publish his novel as a slimmer. The novel includes symbolism for the presidency of Donald Trump, and it is set shortly, where the society falls behind a dystopian, chaotic environment. The novel tackles about the situation near the Republican National Convention, and how the protagonist named Bob faces all of the challenges he encounters every single day. The novel also introduces Fletcher, who is a character based on Mexican drug lord El Chapo. Sean Penn even had to travel to Mexico to interview El Chapo, in preparation for the novel that he will be writing.

People who have already read the novel by Sean Penn pointed out several pages which are written to discredit President Donald Trump. Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff seems to cross multiple genres, resulting in mixed reviews from literary establishments.  Sean Penn is a known critic of the president, and he included several passages in the novel which criticizes the actions of the president, albeit referring to him only through symbolism because the president in the novel is a different person. Sean Penn is hoping that people would be purchasing and supporting his novel, and he is also asking for the assistance from his friends at Hollywood to promote the book that he has written. Sean Penn stated that he still thinks whether to write another novel that would continue the story of Bob.

Read USA Today’s take on the book.

Graham Edwards and His Billion Dollar Telereal Trillium Legacy

In the early 2000’s, Graham Edwards founded a company in the United Kingdom known as Telereal. As CEO, he led the company into many prosperous partnerships and business dealings, including a multibillion-dollar property outsourcing with British Telecom holdings (BT), and he ultimately initiated the 2009 merger with another big name in property management – Trillium.

The newly formed Telereal Trillium became the largest privately owned Property and Investment Management Company in the UK and boasts an impressive annual revenue of over £1 billion. Although Telereal Trillium’s success is by no means a surprise. Graham Edwards was appointed CEO after the merger and uses his knowledge and expertise to ensure a prosperous continuation of the business (grahamtelereal.wordpress.com).

Prior to his own businesses, Graham Edwards headed funds at Merrill Lynch Investment Management and attended the prestigious Cambridge University studying economics. His various positions and insight into other corporation no doubt plays a major role in his current practices. However, Graham Edwards is not just a businessman, in his leisure time he enjoys being an avid tennis player and a ski enthusiast.

In addition to his business dealings, Edwards also has a high presence in local and charity communities. He, Telereal Trillium, and his staff participate in raising and donating funds to over 100 registered charities. Edwards is even known for his focus on employee satisfaction. His commitment to creating a respectful environment in all business practices, responsible sustainability efforts, and dedication to giving back all help foster employee pride and make Telereal Trillium a serious company to contend with.

It is with this quality of hard work and devotion to beneficial pursuit that Graham Edwards and Telereal Trillium will see continued prosperity and the legacy they both have will leave a lasting impact in not only the business community but also the country as a whole.

Check out Graham Edwards’ (Twitter) for more information.



Sean Penn: From Actor To Author

Sean Penn, actor phenom turned novelist. Getting people to notice the actor has never been hard due to his share of drama on camera and off, as this only added to Sean Penn’s bad boy persona. But, his roster of critically acclaimed accomplishments on screen far outweigh any shortcoming the actor might have had in the past. Pushing for more achievements to add to his billing, never being satisfied with the status quo, he went and wrote a book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. As with any whisper’s of a book coming out from such a figure of our generation as he, comes criticism and speculation. The worst is the categorization, we as a nation have to put labels and categories on everything. We cannot just be. This is what Sean wants for his main character, to just accept him. Do not try to put Bob into some modern day scenario or philosophy.

“Bob Honey Just Do Stuff” is a satirical Americana. The main player is a middle-aged man who engages in such jobs and activities from septic tank salesman to assassinating the elderly. The story is told through the eyes of Pappy Pariah. He narrates the story Bob Honey’s life story and the digressions that ensue. It is up to the reader to decide whether Bob Honey is real or a figment of Pappy Pariahs imagination. Bob, a suspected international assassin that murders the elderly. Bob believes it is his purpose to murder in order to whittle down the population for society and the environment. Honey calls the President of the United States Mr. Landlord in a tirade written to the White House. For the rest, the book must be bought. Sean Penn at first denied being the author of the book, only narrating it when a portion of the book came out in audible format. He claimed it to be written by an author he met in a bar.

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Contactless Payments: The Wave of the Future in the Global Marketplace

According to PSI-Pay cashless payments are increasingly dominating the market, and the two companies that champion cashless payments have joined forces and released a contactless payment ring into the international marketplace. This payment ring is the first of its kind and allows consumers the fastest method of checking out using their own devices and sparing them the hassle of PIN numbers. Contactless payments are taking over coins and notes, as the commonly known “wave and pay” contactless payment ring is revolutionizing the international marketplace, PSI-Pay claims this could end cash transactions completely.

Wave and pay contactless payments use debit, credit and smartcards as forms of payment. PSI-Pay offers this system and along with their affiliate Kerv, they offer it with a propriety ring. The ring is fashionably designed for men and women, it is comfortable and durable, it withstands water and is scratch proof. PSI-Pay and Kerv have joined forces to launch this wave and pay ring into the international market, allowing consumers to make purchases by simply tapping a card or ring toward the terminal. Without doubt, there are many benefits of using contactless payments, it saves consumers time and makes payments easier. The wave and pay method eliminates the need to carry cash and speeds up the process by avoiding the issues of credit card checking and waiting on cards to be validated.

However, to protect the consumer from any unauthorized payments, the transactions that can be processed with contactless technology are limited. Kerv’s ring payment capacity is limited but it is linked to cards to make larger purchases and for online shopping. PSI-Pay provides services locally and internationally and can now provide electronic money throughout Europe and is usable in more than 170 nations around the world. There is no need to worry about the security of this advanced technology, PSI-Pay and Kerv have deployed measures to counter act any irregularities resulting from illegal use, and to insure zero liability if a card is used without authorization. PSI-Pay claims wave and pay technology is revolutionizing the future of the global marketplace.

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Glen Wakeman and “Thoughtful Perseverance”

Glen Wakeman has a degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton, and he has experienced outstanding success as an entrepreneur and mentor to businesspersons in the United States, Africa, and Europe. As an international financial adviser, Glen provides business strategies and management services in the global financial marketplace, and he serves as a mentor to C-suite executives. He also writes a blog offering expert advice to businesspersons (https://www.wingsjournal.com/world-traveler-glen-wakeman).

According to Glen Wakeman, budding entrepreneurs sometimes experience difficulty in their business and want to give up. Glen recognizes starting a business is hard but rather than giving up Glen offers advice to entrepreneurs trying to establish a successful business. Glen advises budding entrepreneurs to persevere, and he provides a three-step strategy to building a successful business that he calls “thoughtful perseverance.” These three steps are:

Focus on benefits, not features. Sometimes the ideas you have to serve your clients might not be in the best interest of potential clients. What you need to do is to focus on providing a benefit to your customer. It is not what you want but what benefit does your product or service offer to your customers (Dailyforexreport).

Seek disconfirming evidence. There is a ton of data available on the Internet, and a person can find data to support whatever fact or idea they want to promote. Unfortunately, however, if your business is not performing to your expectations, you need data that is inconsistent with what you think, know, or believe.

Build a dispassionate support group. Every entrepreneur needs a support system. However, it does not serve you or your business well if the people you choose are “yes” men or “yes” women. You should surround yourself with people who are courageous enough to be brutally honest with you and who will challenge you. Challenging your thinking can lead to the breakthrough you need to make your business successful.

In the final analysis, Glen advises entrepreneurs not to give up. Follow the three-step plan as outlined and you will be on your way to a successful career as an entrepreneur.