Eric Lefkofsky Caring for Others

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful business owner who is on the leading edge of cancer research. He co-founded Tempus Labs, which is a company that focuses on cancer research. Cancer is a terrible diagnosis for most people to deal with. However, with new technology in the medical field, the odds of survival are much higher than in the past.

The cost to treat cancer is also declining. At Tempus Labs, Eric Lefkofsky focuses on helping people fix their medical issues. He is not interested in making money, but he wants to help as many people as possible. Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur who uses his business experience to grow Tempus Labs.

Past Experience

Eric Lefkofsky wanted to become a successful business owner when he was young. He decided to attend college and get a degree in business. While he was in college, he also studied the medical industry. He noticed a tremendous opportunity to make a positive difference. At the time, medical technology was stagnant.

After graduating from college, he started a business in the foodservice industry. He learned valuable lessons during this process. Eric Lefkofsky founded several companies before he had success. Once he developed multiple streams of income, he turned his attention to helping others.

Lifestyle Changes

Eric Lefkofsky wants to reduce the odds of people developing cancer. Although cancer treatments have significantly improved, prevention is still the best choice. Few people concentrate on improving their daily health habits.

By eating a diet full of natural food, most people can drastically reduce their odds of developing cancer. Regular exercise is also a proven way to live a healthy lifestyle. Eric Lefkofsky is excited about the future of Tempus Labs. Not only is the company growing, but he is helping more people than ever before.

The Accomplished Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer’s Background & Career Highlights

In business and investing, it certainly takes special individuals with special talents to become successful in this industry. When we take into account how demanding and challenging this industry is, it is no surprise that we do not see too many ultra-successful professionals from this field. While there have been many successful investors in the entire history of this industry, perhaps none have been as impressive and as impactful as Duda Melzer has been in his career. As a significant figurehead in business and investing, Duda Melzer Founder has become one of the more prominent professionals of all time. With plenty of experience to his credit, there really isn’t anything that he has not achieved in his career. In many ways, Duda Melzer is as accomplished as it gets as a professional investor. Having said all of that, there is still so much more to Duda Melzer and his successful ways. So, to get a better sense of what he does and how he has achieved so much, here is more on Duda Melzer Founder and his highlights in investing. You can visit clicrbs to know more.

More on Duda Melzer and Career Accomplishments

Worth repeating, there are many ways Duda Melzer has achieved the level of status he has today. As a true professional in investing, Duda Melzer has diversified his investment portfolio into many different areas. In fact, his brilliant investment skills have earned him recognition and awards such as entrepreneur of the year and a Merit in Business award. As impressive as that is, what is even more impressive is the fact that he is not done with contributing to his career resume. With the way things have gone for him in the past, there is no denying that he will continue to succeed as a prominent professional in the business industry. Follow their Twitter page.

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Perry Mandera, Midwestern Philanthropist

Perry Mandera is a Christian and family man who incorporated the “Custom Cares Charities” charity, which offers domestic and international freight services. In 1975 he joined the Marine Corps Reserve after graduating from a public high school in Chicago. After the Marine Corps Reserve, he was honorably discharged and started liife in the shipping industry; he started a company in 1980 and sold it later in 1985 ( Between 1984 and 1988 his interest in politics led him to become the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago, where he was the youngest person ever elected to that position. With annual sales over 200 million dollars, Perry Mandera’s Custom Cares Charities serves top Fortune 100 companies and many more.

Additionally, Mandera supports the Illinois State Crime Commission for which he was given the Bishop Sheil Award in 2011. In the year 2000, Perry Mandera was named one of the Top 100 American Transportation Executives by the Illinois Transportation Association. Perry serves on the board of directors of both the Jesse White Tumblers and the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. His involvement with these organizations that he has donated 6,500 winter coats to children in need in the Chicago greater area. Perry’s heart also extends beyond the Chicago area, where he routinely donates to victims of natural disasters across the world. Some examples of this include Hurricane Katrina, the victims of a tornado which hit Washington, Illinois, and most recently, the victims of the California wildfires (Phillypurge).

Some notable organizations which have benefited from Perry’s generosity include the ALS Foundation, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, Girl Scouts of America, and Toys for Tots. His company Custom Cares Charities is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and his generosity even extend outside of the boardroom and business arena: He routinely enjoys donating his time to coaching youth sports such as basketball, football, and baseball, and he has also offered financial support to boxers to help them compete in the Olympics.


Jeremy Goldstein and The Executive Compensation Solutions He Provides For CEOs

It’s not every day that you can meet a business person who has the sympathy, dignity, and passion for the work they do. Fortunately, we still have them, and one of those people seem to be Jeremy Goldstein, the lawyer who is practicing in New York City and giving advice to people, making sure that the investment they get into has less probability of ruin and bankruptcy.



The Compromise of Incentives



There are many things that contribute to the success of a company, and to its failures. However, many experts would agree that managing the incentives of the employees would be a wise decision for companies and corporations to address the costs of irate employees or those who would quit in the middle of highly productive work month. In the eyes of Jeremy Goldstein, these challenges can quickly be resolved, using the right compromise. Being known as a lawyer with expertise in employee relations and compensation, Jeremy Goldstein has made sure that the clients he serves – which include Bank of America and Verizon – have the best solutions and employee compensation that they deserve and need.



His expertise in working for large corporations is his secret why he can offer such solutions to his clients. With his knowledge, he can craft efficient incentive-based programs or Earnings Per Share (EPS) for the employees of his clients. With this, he can extract better productivity among his clients’ employees.



Right now, the current challenges of the EPS incentives that he has faced usually happen when the employees game the metrics. Employees can cheat. They can increase their share without exerting an added effort. There is also a tendency to nurture a sense of favoritism because of such EPS incentive system. With these adequately noted, Jeremy can find a middle ground in which all the factors and needs of both parties are addressed.



About Jeremy Goldstein



Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing lawyer in New York City with many years of experience behind his name. With the boutique law firm that he created called Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC – which specializes in executive compensation for CEOs and management teams-, he’s been helping companies build employee incentives framework that would benefit both companies and employees. He’s also listed as one of the Top Lawyers in the Legal 500 list of America’s Leading Lawyers for Business.



What Jeremy is continually advocating today is the push for better compromise for employee’s incentives. By giving employees the right options and lenient incentives, Goldstein can help his clients find a balance between the right EPS solutions that will serve the best for both clients and employees. Despite the people who continually challenge the EPS programs that he proposes, he’s still confident that with the right balance, he can land on the right set of solutions fit for a specific set of company needs.
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Heal N Soothe Doesn’t Just Mask Pain

Heal N Soothe is a natural remedy for pain and does not simply mask the problem the way that many painkillers do. This is a product that will take care of the source of pain and help the body to recover and to become stronger so that it can better defend itself from pain, inflammation, and any other ailments.

Heal N Soothe is packed full of good stuff such as proteolytic systemic enzymes, bromelain, turmeric extract, Boswellia extract, papain, rutin, ginger extract, Mojave yucca root, citrus bioflavonoids, and devil’s claw. These ingredients and the combination of these ingredients are powerful pain and inflammation fighters and even help to heal the body from the stresses and injuries of life.

Devil’s claw helps to treat pain and is particularly great for arthritis pain. Citrus bioflavonoids help to protect the body from oxidative damage, and ginger extract not only reduces pain and inflammation but helps to treat nausea. Mojave yucca root offers anti-inflammatory support and is a digestive aid. Rutin is another powerful anti-oxidants, and Boswellia extract helps to support healthy blood circulation. Papain helps to reduce pain and swelling. Turmeric extract destroys free radicals in the body in order to reduce pain and swelling. Bromelain helps to remove toxins for the body in addition to reducing swelling and pain, and proteolytic system enzymes help to boost respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular function in the body as well as cleanse the blood and break down scar tissue.

Heal N Soothe uses Systemic Enzyme Therapy to protect against pain and inflammation and reduces bio-chemicals that lead to inflammation. This product helps to speed up the recovery time of the body from such things as sprains, bruises, fractures, surgery, and joint pain. It doesn’t just mask the pain, but it has healing properties.

Heal N Soothe is readily available on website and on Amazon and only costs about $50 for a whole month’s supply. It is a product that is meant to help and repair the body so that it will be pain-free and better able to recover from things such as fractures, bruises, contusions, and any other strains.

All it takes is ingesting a few supplements each day, and you will be able to enjoy the great benefits that this product has to offer. It’s natural ingredients get right to work and are a powerful combination against all of your aches and pains.

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Nick Vertucci’s Academy Has A Way To Build Wealth Almost Overnight

Real estate often has a reputation for being a tricky and risky business field to get into, but Nick Vertucci is working to get people flipping properties within months. His organization, the NV Real Estate Academy has courses in real estate that simply the terminology and explain concepts in ways that are easier than most university courses or firms explain them. Vertucci believes that once you get the financing for property acquisitions, the rest is pretty straightforward.

Nick Vertucci at one point learned real estate investing with no previous experience or degree in the field. His family were blue collar workers who had to work long hours to support everyone. Times were hard when young Nick lost his father and then had to live in his vehicle by age 18. He saw a time of good fortune for several years when he built a business in computer part sales and earned enough money to buy a home. But his fortune wouldn’t last forever because the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and his business immediately went defunct. Nick Vertucci did all he could to fight off debt and in doing so lost his car, most of his valuables and nearly lost his house. With not a lot of options left, he decided to attend a real estate seminar a friend told him about. It turned out to be the best thing he ever did as he later said.

What Nick Vertucci learned at the seminar was that the tools needed to succeed in real estate were all out there and could be easy to use if you know what they are. He took the instructions he gained at the seminar to heart and started buying residential units. Teaming up with construction contractors and property planners, he began turning his properties into high end establishments and they brought in high returns. Vertucci soon overcame his debt and was able to live the kind of life he and his family had always dreamed of. He’s retired today, but he takes great pride in knowing his academy is helping others find their own road to wealth through it.

Jose Hawilla – Making Developments through Traffic

People who want to start their own business and become entrepreneurs can come from all walks of life, but not everyone is meant to become a successful entrepreneur. There are specific personality traits that one must have to be a successful business owner.

The primary reason why an individual would like to be an entrepreneur is to have freedom and independence. While it may sound practical and simple, the fact is – it is not. So, to make headway, listed below are essential personality traits that a person should possess to become an entrepreneur.

Risk Taker – being self-employed would mean you will not be getting a regular paycheck. Hence, you must be prepared to face the consequences of not having any regular pay for sustenance.

Initiative – you must be self-motivated, which means to say that aside from being creative you must learn how to accomplish things within a given deadline without a boss or a supervisor reminding you.

Persistent – you must be determined to succeed despite the difficulties you will be encountering. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and there will be plenty of blockades that you must surmount.

Flexible – a good entrepreneur must be able to react to change quickly since riding with the trend will give you lots of opportunities that will be good for your business.

Have a vision – it is vital to be able to foresee how your business will turn out three or five years from your start date. Because by looking at the whole picture you will be able to see the small factors that you need to accomplish as you work your way to your ultimate objective.  You can visit for more.

Jose Hawilla has all the necessary characteristics of a good entrepreneur because he gave up his job that provides a regular salary for a business venture that is not sure financially wise. Check out to see more.

When he started Traffic – the advertisement that they were only able to secure was just posted at bus stops. But since Hawilla is determined to succeed, he forged on and after some time they were able to post an advertisement on the billboards of stadiums. And Traffic has been growing ever since.

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