End Citizens United Works To Protect Important Amendment

The Trump administration has made itself an enemy of the separation of church and state. Specifically, Trump has decided to do away with restrictions on campaign finance laws that prevent churches from supporting or opposing candidates and contributing to their campaigns. This has led to justified fears of a future in which churches are used to hide money and where religion interjects itself into politics. Fortunately, End Citizens United is doing everything it can to make sure this situation is handled before it turns into something much more problematic. Their work to protect the Johnson Amendment is going to prove pivotal to politics in the long run. Check out crunchbase.com to know more about End Citizens United.

End Citizens United wants to lead the charge to protect the Johnson Amendment from these attacks by doing everything it can to support candidates that will protect the constitution from those who seek to corrupt campaign financing. Their efforts have made them one of the most talked about organizations seeking to influence politics today. People want a say in these fights but simply don’t know how to get involved. The most important step in all of this is finding a way to make sure they are included in the process overall.

Although fighting for the Johnson Amendment is End Citizen United’s most recent goal, the organization has deeper roots than that. They have played a key role in helping a number of movements to protect campaign finance reach the mainstream and attract the attention they need. A great example of this was their efforts to reverse the Citizens United ruling. This ruling played a key role in opening up much of what has happened over the course of this decade. We have seen an entirely new way of financing campaigns and conducting politics overall. There is a serious need for grass root movements to disrupt it.

End Citizens United is trying to do something most people would not. After seeing the success of conservatives over the course of the decade many believe there is no hope for those who want to ensure politics is open and free from corrupt financial influences. The recent attacks by Trump and the GOP are only one more reason End Citizens United is gaining steam. More than ever people are signing up to help out this movement and give it the energy it needs to finally accomplish some changes. They are joined by others who understand the problems caused by this. The efforts to ease restrictions on tax exempt organizations and to bring churches into political financing is something absolutely terrible for America. The following years are going to be difficult for campaign finance, but there is still hope to turn things around and do away with this changes. Visit:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United


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Jason Hope’s Philanthropic and Entrepreneurial Activities

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. He is moreover a futurist and an investor. He is currently the Director at Arizona Science Center .Mr. Hope has undergone extensive education. He is an alumnus of the Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. He, later on, attended the W.P Carrey School of Business where he graduated with an MBA. Immediately after his graduation, he founded a mobile communications company. He currently invests in the biotechnology industry, philanthropy, and startup investments. He has also ventured in healthcare technology.

Jason is an experienced futurist. He uses his understanding and knowledge of technology to predict the future of technological advances. He observes that the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), is a crucial player in modern society’s future. His insights and information about technology assists businessmen looking for ways exploiting technology in the future.

He was inspired to start the mobile communication technology because it reaches and impacts positively to many people. Jason started by selling premium text message services. The entrepreneur earns his money from the portfolio of companies that he owns. He created Jawa during, a mobile communication company that has acted as the foundation for his additional partnerships and companies in the technology industry. His companies now include Digital Media Solutions, Marketing Services like the Search Engine Optimization among others.

Jason uses the social media for his marketing strategies. He mentions social media as a readily available tool for marketing that is not only readily available but also cheaper. According to Mr. Hope, social media keeps people connected and also creates new businesses and more connections. He uses twitter which is the best platform for sharing news and discovering new business opportunities, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Being a philanthropic, giving back to the community satisfies Jason Hope. He recently donated half a million dollars to the SENS organization. The money assisted SENS in carrying out research in the biotechnology industry. And his Facebook, Jason advice young and upcoming entrepreneurs to engage on one project at a time. Moreover, entrepreneurs should not abandon the businesses they started with.

Mr. Hope lives a simple and normal life. He starts his day with simple exercises followed by breakfast. His daily routines include checking his social media accounts, emails, and messages. His habit of visualizing his goals into goals increases his productivity as an entrepreneur. He has never doubted his abilities and ideas. He succeeds more by learning from past challenges and experiences, and http://reporterexpert.com/jason-hope-explains-internet-things-shaping-lives/.

Hussain Sajwani: Trump Towers and DAMAC

The Hussain Sajwani family is a multinational billionaire family. In the vast kingdom of Dubai, he is a billionaire. He has been able to enhance his business by combining forces with Donald Trump on a number of projects. Trump’s real estate firm is very glad to have him as a valuable partner. The two titans have proudly collaborated on the famous Trump International Golf club – a massive golf club named after Donald Trump. The golf course was built with villas fit for luxury lifestyles. Since the luxury villas and golf course have been built, they have netted more than $2 billion!

The Sajwani family is very entrenched into the Trump family. He values their logical input and leadership abilities. While Donald Trump is in office, the two will not be doing business together in an effort to avoid conflicts of interest; however, the Sajwani family will still be cohorts with Ivanka and Eric Trump (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/donald-trump-new-years-eve-speech-president-elect-dubai-business-partner-hussain-sajwani-mar-a-lago-a7507551.html. )The children of Donald Trump are very interested in keeping their business relations. They would like to preserve the Trump brand and believe the Sajwani family is the right family to help with the job.

Hussain Sajwani has a very close relationship with the Trump family. His wife sends regular email correspondences with Ivanka Trump and the Trump family has visited his house. When Hussain Sajwani visits New York, he makes a regular point to have lunch and dinner at the Trump Towers. Sajwani is the DAMAC owner, a nationally acclaimed luxury hotel chain.

DAMAC Properties, of which Hussein is the Chairman, has donated over $2 million to AED for the purpose of feeding and clothing children. These children are in developing countries and need help and assistance. The DAMAC sponsored charity was launched during the month of Ramadan and aptly named the Ramadan Initiative. Hussein loves the kids and appreciates the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate. DAMAC Properties is a large real estate corporation and is Hussein’s main source of wealth. DAMAC is the leader of development in the Middle East. If you find a luxury hotel in Dubai, chances are it was built and operated by the geniuses at DAMAC. They are world renowned and respected for their expertise. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJxJrIkRTzk


The Iconic President David Mcdonald

David McDonald’s education and work background

David McDonald has a background in Animal science from the Lowa State University. He chairs the North American Meat Institute in addition to being the director at Marfrig Global Foods. He is as well the Director of OSI group’s Australian subsidiary.

David McDonalds’ hand in improving OSI Group’s sustainability

David McDonald is the renowned president of the global OSI group. OSI group is based in Aurora Illinois and has around 80 branches in 17 countries. OSI group is an International company that processes foods and supplies to top world food companies such as Papa John’s, Yum and Subway. David McDonald has done so much to ensure the company maintains its position in the market as well as its reputation. Under his excellent leadership skills, the company has been able to expand its production to Geneva and Hungary. McDonalds’ exceptional leadership has also seen the company construct a beef processing plant in Poland. His strategic management has led the company to open two big poultry processing facilities in China. This has seen the company sweep the Chinese poultry market because of its huge production of poultry products. McDonalds’ unending thirst for achievement has led the company in expanding to India where it has opened a frozen foods plant. McDonald has overseen a cordial relationship between the in-house team and the regional managers. The regional officials keep an eye on any changes in taste and preferences of the local customers and relay the information to the in-house team. This information is essential in ensuring tailor-made products for its customers. The OSI group is well known for its exemplary products and services all thanks to its visionary president McDonald.

David McDonald say regarding the acquisition of Baho Food

David McDonald has also ventured into making acquisitions as another way broadening the company’s business. The latest acquisition is the Baho food which is also a food processing company that operates in Germany and Netherlands. David McDonald stated this as one of the best ways in penetrating the European market. He also retained Baho Food employees due to their tremendous and long-term experience in the company that was an added advantage to the OSI group.

Read More: interview.net/david-mcdonald-osi-group/

David Giertz Has Advice for Financial Freedom during Retirement

David Giertz is an American financial professional with more than three decades of experience in the financial sector. He is one of the most successful financial advisors in the United States and has an excellent track record. Many individuals and companies often refer to him as a visionary and an inspirational leader. Over the years David Giertz has been able to raise companies’ revenue in billions of dollars.

During his career, Davis has been involved with several community organizations with the aim of developing them while at the same time providing financial advice to individuals at the grassroots level. Before starting his career in the financial sector, David attended Millikin University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science. Davis later earned his MBA from the University of Miami.

Many individuals often struggle with life after retirement because of lack of adequate preparation. David has committed himself and dedicated his time and efforts to an initiative aimed at sensitizing people on the need to prepare for retirement life sufficiently.

When it comes to life after retirement, David has always said that the only way a person can be financially free is by making the right investment options at the right time as this will provide individuals with the necessary income during their retirement days.

Depending on how much money a person invests, Investments can be the ticket to financial freedom. Despite the fact that this is true, David has advocated for individuals to have sufficient preparedness before jumping into making investment decisions.

The first assessments anyone should do make before investing is ensuring that they have adequate funding for the particular investment. Other than this, there is always the need to consult a professional financial advisor who can best guide you on the best investment plans to make. Making the right investments with the guidance of Financial experts will always guarantee success.



Securus Technologies: Promoting a Secure Environment

Safety is a significant factor in the society that has to be upheld by all means. With increasing criminal activities, measures to monitor civilians and inmates are more than welcome to enforce the law and maintain peace and justice in the society.


Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology company serving law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities all over North America? The firm facilitates communication for detainees, monitors parolees and manages government information. The company is situated in Dallas, Texas, and is keen on providing what matters to consumers. Other regional offices are in Carrollton, Atlanta, and Allen. Securus services are applied in law enforcement to track inmate activities and to foster civil justice.


As a technology company, it is widely used for communication hence enabling police officers and other law enforcement agencies to keep tabs on persons of interest to prevent and mitigate any arising issues related to maintaining the law. The technology is also crucial in investigative activities to shed light on critical matters that need clarification through intensive analysis and monitoring usage of goods and services.


The company is swift in assisting the government in creating a better and safer place to live. The recent acquisition of JPay Inc by Securus technologies was a bold move in improving services offered to correctional facilities. This acquisition enabled Securus to provide state prisons entertainment options, communication via emails, education through applications and electronic payment avenues. All these were made more accessible with the introduction of high-tech tablets at affordable rates.


Securus Technologies Inc. has the largest call center in the region with a capacity of two hundred and twenty seats for employees to use while engaging clients. As a reward for its impeccable performance in providing public safety, Securus technologies was recently honored with an A+ rating and accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB). The accreditation came as a result of complying with BBB standards which include, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive, honest advertisement, building trust, promoting integrity, being truthful and safeguarding privacy.


Building New Neighborhoods with Boraie

The center of the most successful area revitalizations is often centered on the options of living spaces that are given. From there, people are attracted in, which in turn attracts new businesses and sets the whole neighborhood up for success. This has been the case in New Brunswick, NJ, in no small part thanks to the Aspire Apartments, by Boraie Development LLC. Located right in the center of the action, they have drawn in a fresh new crowd to the area that let local businesses bloom and grow as well. Located close to the train station which allows for easy access to Manhattan and Philadelphia so residents get the best travel options as well. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms to know more.

According to Rutgers, offering studios apartments through two bedrooms, the Aspire Apartments offer a bevy of luxury features that rival the best of NYC’s luxury spaces. The interior includes a high-end kitchen model with quartz countertops, glass tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. The large bathrooms have porcelain floors, ceramic walls and tub as well. The units have in-suite washers and dryers, a state of the art heating system and high-speed internet and cable access for maximum relaxation. Other features of the apartments include a doorman and access to a 24-hour onsite maintenance management team. There is also a there is an elevator that leads directly from the garage to the main lobby and a 24-hour on-site fitness center.

Boraie Development LLC specializes in the urban real estate market by providing world-class services with Property Management, sales and marketing and Real Estate Development. Boraie prides itself on working with the best financial Institutions, architects, and contractors on the market to ensure the success of all of their projects. With over 30 years of expertise in real estate, the Sam Boraie team have experts for every project and situation to ensure the best possible experience for their clients.

Talkspace Provides Real Help Via Text Messaging

Depression is something that affects many, yet it is something that still has a sort of stigma around it. Those who are depressed feel that others think of them as less than them. They feel like they are not beautiful and that they are not going to be successful. Depression is a disease and it is not something that a person chooses. It is important for those with depression to know that they have value and for them to get help in moving on from that disease.

When a person has a family member who is facing something such as borderline personality disorder, that disease can mess with the relationship between the two people. Someone who gets a new job only to have their family member call them all of the time while they are at work can feel frustrated. Those who are faced with borderline personality disorder need help, they need to have someone who will communicate with them.

Talkspace provides real help for those individuals who are faced with problems in their lives. This service is available via text message, and it allows a person to be in touch with a therapist whenever they feel like sending out a message. The therapist might respond right away, or they might take some time to respond, but the Talkspace therapist is always there to help. Talkspace helps individuals with all kinds of issues find the help that they need to move on through discussing those issues.

How George Soros is Fighting for Progressive Politics.

Over the years one name has become a mainstay in the world of progressive politics and that name is George Soros. George Soros is a Hungarian born New Yorker who has spent the better part of the past half century growing grassroots progressive campaigns around the world. Soros believes in bringing power back to the people and keeping the government accountable for what goes on at the highest levels of the political scene. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations as his way to give back and help spread progressive values around the world, now he is giving totally to the OSF. It was recently reported that Soros has donated nearly $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations over the past several years.

The Open Society Foundations was created by George Soros over thirty years ago. His goal in forming the charity was to create a network of foundations all around the planet that could unite in their attempt to fight for the core beliefs that progressives hold dearly: social justice, democracy, transparent government freedom of expression. The Open Society has been active in 120 countries around the globe and it has made a difference in some tremendously important battles. The Open Society has been active in apartheid era Africa as well as in support of the Roma people. More recently, Soros has been pushing the Open Society to get active here in the United States in response to the surge of hate crimes that have followed in the wake of Donald Trumps election and subsequent inauguration. Soros would donate nearly $10 million in the wake of Trump’s election victory in November and learn more about George Soros.

The Open Society Foundations is one of Soros’ most lasting legacies and it figures to be the gift that keeps on giving, long after the billionaire hedge fund investor has decided to step back and retire. In recent years we’ve seen the OSF perform tremendous acts for people in the United States and abroad. In 2014 the OSF helped to fund Ebola Outbreak treatment centers while also stumping for marriage equality years prior. The OSF’s recent influx of donations from George Soros will be the fuel that helps to keep these movements alive. Soros released a statement back in November lamenting the election of Trump and subsequent tidal shift in America’s psyche by saying, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here.” It appears that the OSF is Soros’ path to fighting back and more information click here.

George Soros has been a prominent voice in the realm of progressive politics for years now, largely since he came out and railed against President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq so many years ago. Lately, Soros has stood behind both President Obama as well as Hillary Clinton’s election bid. Soros has been one of the most open and unabashed critics of the Trump regime. Soros is setting himself up to be a stalwart in progressive politics for years to come and progressives around the world should coalesce around his message and Follow him Twitter.com.