Ricardo Tosto; One of the most influential lawyers in Brazil

One profession that has recorded a significant number of experts is the law industry. The reason behind this large number is the fact that being a lawyer is viewed as a very high profile profession thus many individuals want to become lawyers. Lawyers play a very core role in both the society and the economy. Professional lawyers constitutional reforms in various states. One can decide to be an independent lawyer and choose to open up his own firm or can be employed by a law firm to offer his/her services. Brazil is one country that has recorded the largest number of lawyers compared to others states in the world with most of them operating in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

Regardless of the profession viewed as a noble profession, it requires one to work hard and read a lot of long notes. In Brazil, for you want to be a fully qualified lawyer, your are first have to study for five years in a law school and later proceed to pass the bar examination (Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil). In Brazil, it is important for every lawyer to be fully educated on all matters law considering the country derives its mandate from the Italian, German, French and Portuguese Civil law. One attorney who has all the knowledge required to be a certified lawyer is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Ricardo is among the most respected lawyers in Brazil having made a name for himself something that he always takes credit in. Mr. Tosto is a litigation attorney known for his involvement in the law industry and his law firm. Ricardo is the founder of Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho law firm. The company is well known for representing all personalities including some of the biggest people in the state. He is always determined in what he is doing, and this is the reason he never fears representing people from the upper class in the society to learn more: https://br.linkedin.com/in/ricardo-tosto-9556a817 click here.

Ricardo didn’t get his success with a snap of his fingers. He had to undergo the various steps needed such as graduating from a law school and later passing the bar exam. He then started his career path from scratch where he gained the experience he uses to direct his law firm. His passionate and caring nature has made him get many clients. He is determined to change the law industry in Brazil and become a perfect role model for the young children.

Bent Bruce II Shares Secrets on How to Create a Trillion Dollar Industry

Double Rock Corporation has made billions in revenues and profits over the years. The company’s success has a lot to do with the creative Vice President, Bent Bruce II. Double Rock specializes in offering tailor-made cash management solutions for brokers and dealers. The scope of services provided by the financial tech company encompasses drawing up financial plans and strategies for businesses.

Bruce plays many vital roles in running the primary affiliates associated with the Double Rock brand. The major arms of the firm include:-

• LIDs Capital LLC,
• Landing Rock Group LLC,
• Intrasweep LLC,
• Island Intellectual Property LLC,
• Access Control Advantage, Inc.,

Bruce gets credited with pioneering the revolutionary expanded FDIC-insured sweep and cash sweep programs. The cash management sweep plans have culminated into a trillion dollar industry. Ideally, these initiatives aim to reduce borrowing by up to 25% for the consumers. The entrepreneurs’ life story featured in the best-selling motivational book, ‘Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs.’

Milestone Positions held by Bent Bruce II

• Active member of the Young Presidents Association
• Financial Executive of the Gotham Chapter based in Manhattan, NY
• Board member of the Entrepreneurs Organization based in NY
• Served on the Advisory Council of the President, the Hudson Chapter

Education & Career Highlights

Bruce Bent attended the acclaimed Northeastern University where he studied a BSc. In Philosophy. The seasoned manager holds well over 60 financial services patents to his name.

The CEO developed a robust strategy which kept the NY-based Reserve mutual fund afloat and profitable. In fact, under his watch, the company’s portfolio grew exponentially. Ideamensch reports cash products of the group surging from a modest $4B to reach $130B during Bent’s tenure. The events of 2008 led to The Reserve team winding down its operations. The board members reached a unanimous verdict to close the company, but that was not before a negotiated payout to the shareholders got issued.

We highly recommend you check out an interview Bent conducted with Ideamensch.com. In the Q&A session, the reader gets to take a walk down the creative process and brilliant mind of the award-winning CEO of Double Rock, Bent Bruce II.

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A Review Of The Accomplishments Made By OSI Group LLC’s Chairman And CEO, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and chairman of OSI Group, LLC. Lavin joined the meat industry over 43 years ago. Previously, he had a successful career as an executive and investor in the banking sector. Additionally, Lavin owned a financial consulting company.

Since taking the reins at OSI Group, LLC, Sheldon Lavin has transformed the company into a global supplier of food products to many foodservice and retail brands. The company’s subsidiaries are OSI Industries, LLC and OSI International Foods, LLC. These firms operate in the United States. OSI International, Inc. is the holding firm for all of the company’s international investments.

Globally, OSI Group has nearly 20,000 employees. The executive has happy about the company’s success in addition to its impressive and unique corporate culture. The family- oriented culture has served to reduce the rate of staff turnover at the firm. In addition, cohesion has enabled the company to enhance the efficiency of its operations, thus its huge profitability margins.

Lavin’s journey to the meat industry began in 1970 when he arranged financing for Otto & Sons. Later, this firm changed its business name to OSI Industries, LLC. The company had an opportunity to develop a meat processing facility and start supplying hamburgers to McDonald’s Corporation in the Midwest. However, it needed assistance to secure adequate funding to facilitate this objective. He was requested by a bank to become a part owner of the firm. Initially, Lavin declined because it was not in line with what he did as a consultant. Later, he entered into an agreement with the Otto family who gave him the same leverage in the venture as they had.

Since then, OSI Group has benefited from Lavin’s leadership and vision. As recognition for his contribution in the industry and job growth internationally, Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award in 2016 by India’s World Vision Academy. Previously, he was awarded the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award by RSM US LLP for his unmatched dedication to service. Additionally, under his guidance, OSI Group has received several environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin has continued to enhance the expansion of the company’s operations to different countries around the globe.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto: Getting High Quality Legal Advice

Do you want to hire a powerful lawyer in Brazil? Looking for a reputable business law expert to advise you or represent your company? If you’re in search of top notch legal guidance or advice in Brazil, you need to consult Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a leading litigation attorney in Brazil.Ricardo Tosto is a highly regarded business law attorney and he is passionate about delivering outstanding solutions to clients. He works closely with businesses, organizations and individuals that he represents, to be sure he addressed their concerns appropriately.

It is always a good idea to find out about a potential attorney’s background before hiring him or her. Some find a lawyer or trusted law firm by getting recommendations. Once they secure several attorney referrals with expertise in the type of case they’re dealing with, they research each candidate before making a decision.If you research Mr Ricardo Tosto, you’ll find out that he has a great reputation in the legal community. Hid clients and peers have respect for him and they rave about the high quality legal solutions he deliers.

Whether your case is a personal issue or a business matter, Ricardo Tosto has the expertise to resolve it effectively. Numerous companies and high-profile individuals seek his advice and rely on him for effective and timely resolution of their tough legal cases.To ensure a great outcome in your legal situation, you need to retain a competent lawyer like Ricardo Tosto. As one of the most reputable and powerful lawyers in Brazil, Mr Ricardo Tosto runs a prominent law firm that provides services throughout the nation.As a competent lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has access to top resources and he takes powerful steps to address his clients’ cases and get them great results.

Reasons to Consider Beneful Brand Dog Food

The only reason you should be considering making the switch to Beneful brand dog food is because it provides you pet a healthier alternative than the other food choices available. The grain-free with real farm-raised chicken dry dog food is one of the healthiest choices you can make when it comes to feeding your dog, and the fact it delivers a balanced and complete meal packed with 23 essential vitamins and minerals helps.

One thing you will take away from the Beneful brand dog food is that each bag is prepared here in the US at the Purina facilities by dog owners like you. These pet owners see exactly what goes into each bag of the dog food, and they would never consider giving their own furry family members anything else. Each bag has huge chunks of farm-raised chicken, colorful and healthy vegetable accents like spinach, corn, blueberries, and pumpkin.

Not only will your dog love the taste of their Beneful wet dog food, you can rest assured knowing that the team at Beneful brand dog food is taking the time to carefully inspect each and every bag from the start to finish on that production line. Your dog is getting everything they need to thrive for many years to come.

Life Line Screening Helps to Figure out the Problem Before its too late

Dr. ANdrew Manganaro has lead a prestigious career in the medical field before assuming his position at Life Line Screening. He received his MD from NYU as a University Scholar and Henry Vets Fellow. After school, he completed his residency and chief residency at Bellevue. Then he moved to UCLA School of Medicine to complete his research fellowship in cardiovascular physiology. He became a board certified thoracic surgeon through his work with University of Rochester. After 35 years, he retired from private practice where he now holds the position of Chief Medical Officer at Life Line.

Life Line Screening was inspired by his work as a cardiovascular surgeon. He saw many cardiovascular type of disasters that could have been prevented if the customer knew about the systems before the event occurred. The trend of identifying asymptomatic systems in a patient before it becomes a problem excited Dr. Manganaro. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Manganaro has learned that failure comes with the territory. He knows he must assess why he failed and learn from it. Also, he makes it his mission to invest in research and scientific literature. The goal of life line screening it to prevent a problem before it happens.

Life Life Screenings conduct three type of screenings. They conduct ultra sound screenings, finger stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph. The ultrasound can help the doctors detect abdominal aortic aneurysm and carotid artery disease screening. Finger stick blood screenings help to detect risk factors for heart disease and diabetes. The limited electrocardiograph, EKG, helps to detect atrial fibrillation and other heart issues. The results of these screenings help patients do something before it is too late. Other screenings are available, such as prostate cancer, thyroid disease, and other life saving screenings. These preventive screenings will help to accurately detect most issues before they become major.

Tammy Mazzocco: An Experienced Real Estate Agent in Ohio

Ohio has especially stood out as being a place where home prices are rising. The demand for homes in Ohio is growing. People see the various positive aspects of relocating Ohio. Homes are relatively inexpensive there. The median price for a home is $199,950, which is up 1% from last month and 8.1% from last year, yet still affordable. The cost of living is relatively inexpensive, compared to other parts of the country, and there are growing industries with demand for labor. There are plans for hundreds of new homes to be built. As more people move to Ohio, there will be more demand for goods and services, and therefore more demand for labor.

Tammy Mazzocco has worked as a real estate agent in Ohio for more than two decades. She is well versed about the history of Ohio, as well as Ohio’s societal and real estate patterns. Tammy Mazzocco’s specialties include being a listing agent, being a buyer’s agent and property management. Her average sale price is $117 thousand. She currently sells homes in various counties in Central Ohio, including Delaware, Franklin, Licking, and Fairfield.

According to Blog Webpedia, Tammy Mazzocco has been a licensed realtor since 1995. Initially, she worked as a secretary for a real estate firm called The Edward Realty Company. Then, for seven years she worked at Scotland Yard Condominiums where she gained experienced in the area of condominium management. During the time that she was working there, she earned her real estate agent license. Tammy Mazzocco then went on to work as a multi-site property manage at T&R Properties. She became a licensed personal assistant to Joe Armeni, a top RE/MAX producer, in the summer of 1998. In the summer of 2000, she joined Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio. She has been there ever since.

See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/tammy-mazzocco#/entity

Success Academy is Indeed an Academic Leader

It was such a delight for the New York City’s leading charter network, Success Academy to be named the winner of $ 250,000 Broad Price. The good news came after the high-performer continued to offer its support to children hailing from low-income families and those of color. It also was able to bridge the achievement gap. The price is given every year to the charter management organizations that have been exceptional and is for the college readiness program. The award was presented at the National Charter Schools Conference held in Washington D.C.


Speaking at the conference while accepting the price, the founder and chief executive officer of Success Academy, Eva Moskowitz said that she does not believe that ZIP has the ability to determine people’s destinies. Her intentions, she said were aimed at showing the world that much is possible for the children if only every individual opts to rethink and reinvent schooling. Eva also revealed her intentions of growing Success Academy from the current 41 schools to 100, serving about 50,000 students. The Success Academy fraternity believes that a school should be a place where kids opt to come to even when they do not have to.


Success Academy is currently the largest charter network in New York City. It serves a total of 14,000 students. 76 percent of the students are from low-income families while 93 percent are Hispanic or African-American. In a period of 10 years, the network has grown from one school to the current 41. The growth has put the system at the helm. It is larger than 95 percent of schools across the US. The school received no less than 17,000 applications in April for the 2017-2018 school year, compared to the 3,017 seats available.


The achievements garnered by the school are as result of the inclusion of teachers, students, and families whose dedication is unrelenting. Nina Rees who is the chief executive officer of National Alliance for Public Charter Schools said that Success Academy served to showcase what an all rounded academic approach is like since it incorporated an innovative approach such as chess and dancing.

Check out the blog and crunchbase of this charter school network changing the education game:



The Diversification And Services Of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a global lender as well as a leader in alternative shareholder financing solutions. Their Melbourne office has been relocated to make access for their business associates and clients easier. Their Australian business is consistently growing, making the relocation of their Melbourne office a better place to accommodate their clientele and staff and still leave room to expand.The Managing Director for Equities First Holdings Australia is Mitchell Hopwood although the company maintains three business offices located in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth Australia. Clients are provided with stock based loans by the firm used as capital for their strategic investments, business expansions and various purposes. There are no restrictions placed on stock based loans so the businesses can use the capital for any purpose. Most of the loans issued are non-recourse.

Equities First Holdings also maintains locations in Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. Their headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana within the United States.Equities First Holdings have been providing their clients with financing solutions since 2002. They supply capital based against stocks that are traded publicly so clients are able to meet their goals both professionally and personally. The capital provided by Equity First Holdings is placed against the shares traded all over the world on public exchanges.

Equity Forst Holdings has completed in excess of 700 transactions with a worth of over $1.4 billion. They give their clients a high loan to value at a fixed rate of interest. They are globally owned and have offices in nine countries including the subsidiaries of Equities First Limited in London, Equities First Holdings Singapore Limited, Equities First Holdings Hong Kong Limited and Equities First Holdings Australia.Equities First Holdings is a provider of lending services for individual investors and businesses. Their loans are based on an evaluation of future performance and the risk of treasuries, bonds and stocks. They were founded in 2002 and their headquarters are located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

José Auriemo Neto and His Innovation in Brazilian Real Estate Sector with JHSF

José Auriemo Neto is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, a prominent real-estate and infrastructure firm with a broad focus on high-end solutions. He made a huge impact in the Brazilian real estate sector with his real estate development company by providing highest quality service and personalized offerings to the customers. The firm is founded in the year 1972, and it has four key areas of operations as of today; that are residential and commercial developments, malls and shopping complexes, restaurants and hotels under the brand “Fasano,” and an executive airport. The firm grew with its pioneering, quality, innovation, and ability which gave the world-class solutions to the quality-oriented Brazilians.The developer is well aware of the environmental impacts due to various developments and industries around the world, and it wants to ensure that the firm’s projects are with minimal environment impact. The developer follows sustainable developments solutions with a regard to nature. The company’s Cidade Jardim Corporate Center (SP) is considered to be the first and the largest sustainable project in the country. JHSF won the American Architect Award for its The Vitra Building in São Paulo – it is a 14-floor residential apartment. It is also involved in various social responsibility projects within communities by adding many educational and healthcare solutions. JHSF heavily invested on GRAACC cancer hospital for children and collaborated with Ethos Institute for Social Responsibility. The developer has a presence in all the major cities in Brazil including Manaus, Salvador, and São Paulo.

Neto joined the JHSF in the year 1993 and led the firm to many strategic decisions and its implementation. He helped the developer to expand it across Brazil and even accessed U.S. and Uruguay markets with international plans. His focus on quality service has nurtured the way for JHSF to become the leader in ultra-modern and high-end real estate sector in the country.

Neto was the prime driver in the malls and shopping complex business division of the firm, and he supervised the development of Shopping Santa Cruz, the first shopping mall from the business, in 1998. He also helped the developer to set up parking lot company called Parkbem in 1997. Neto completed his graduation from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado located in Sao Paulo.

Bastter: https://www.bastter.com/mercado/acao/JHSF.aspx