Equities First Experiencing a New Trend As Margin Loans and Stock-Based Loans Grow In Popularity

It comes a time where either an individual or a corporation is faced with the issue of raising capital. A new strategy to acquire liquidity has come up as reported by Equities First Holdings (EFH) LLC. With banking institutions and other credit institutions having revised their lending criteria, borrowing has become problematic as a result of increased interest rates and tightened loan qualifications.

As with any problem, an opportunity rises, borrowers who need instant cash and do not qualify for the conventional types of credit-based loans; equities lending is gaining traction as an alternative to the borrowers. Equities lending is taking a loan with your stock options serving as the collateral. The founder of EFH, Al Christy Jr. who also serves as the CEO sees equities lending as an innovative way for borrowers to access working capital.

Banking institutions such as EFH sees loans collateralized by stocks as an attractive financial package since they offer a fixed interest rate meaning the loan is as secure as can ever be throughout the loan agreement. The stock-based loans also have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans and credit-based loans.

According to Christy, stock-based loans are attractive to borrowers not only because they allow the borrowers to receive instant cash, but also because most of them have a non-recourse feature. This feature gives freedom to borrowers to walk away from the stock loan at any point even if the stock’s value goes into freefall. If the borrower activates the recourse clause, he or she is free to keep the loan proceeds with no liability to the lender.

About Equities First Holdings (EFH)

EFH is a global capital lender and leader in alternative financing solutions that was founded in 2002. It provides clients with innovative solutions to acquire capital by taking their publicly traded stocks as collateral. The companies lending model is based on offering its clients a high loan to value and low fixed interest rates.

These friendly terms have seen Equities First Holding complete over 650 transactions successfully amounting to over $1.4 billion. Since its inception, the alternative financing company has grown and is now in nine countries around the world.

For more information please visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/

How Town Residential Has Been So Successful

Town Residential is one of the most successful residential real estate companies in New York City. In a market that has a high demand and very little supply to meet that demand, Town Residential has been able to provide their clients with exactly what they need in the city. Their secret to success lies in their service.


One of the most important things to Town Residential is the happiness of their clients. They want to make sure that their clients are satisfied with all of the options that they have and that they are able to get the home that they want in the city no matter what it is they are looking for. Town Residential often does not stop until they have found the perfect home for their clients. They go to great lengths to make dreams into reality and this has said a lot for the clients that they have.


No matter how ridiculous the request may seem, Town Residential will work to satisfy that request. This is one of the major parts of their business and something that they feel has helped them establish the successful business that they have gotten in the time that they have been in the city. It has allowed them the chance to show their clients that they can provide for them when other real estate agencies have fallen short in the requests that the clients have for their homes and for the places that they are looking at in the New York City area.


While they deal mainly in luxury living, Town Residential can help their clients no matter what they are looking for. It is a major difference from other real estate companies who won’t even help people unless they already have a certain zip code or amount of money in their bank account. There are major ways that Town has been able to help people who don’t even want a luxury home, but who want to find something in New York City that will suit all of their needs in the real estate market for the city.


Just because they have seen a lot of success with residential real estate does not mean that they have failed in the commercial department. This is actually another division that they have and it is run by different people. The commercial real estate is a much larger business that they have and is something that they have been successful at, as well. In the three years that they have been operating as a residential and commercial real estate agency, they have opened ten offices. There are not many real estate agencies that are in New York City that have had that type of success.


Why You Should Get to Know Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur out of Dallas, but what you may not know is that Sparks actually teaches entrepreneurs how to launch their new business and turn it into a revenue generating machine. Sparks isn’t just building businesses, but he’s helping others build businesses too.

Having spent more than a decade at his office, Sparks has decided to move to a new location. His motive is to give the entrepreneurs he’s coaching a more conducive environment to not only brainstorm, but to get the counsel they need to birth forth a great and innovative business.

Sparks has been a champion for incubation and startups, and Timber Creek Capital is now thriving in this arena in the new office space.

Spark said recently in a press release, “With the design of Timber Creek Capital, we re able to host three different companies in our facility and offer an extensive incubation period.” Sparks compared a dark warehouse with no windows to the new office space, encouraging individuals to consider that the space which you work in will not only inspire you but it will also encourage you and spur you to think outside the box.

Sparks knows that an environment making it conducive to work is a key component to success, and without that it’s difficult for individuals to think more creatively as well as to collaborate with team members.

Sparks believes too that cutting corners is an issue for startups and he wants to discourage that. Sparks has started multiple businesses, and he knows what it takes to be successful.

This is why Sparks was so adamant about creating a great space for his students to think as well as to collaborate on their projects and get what they need from Timber Creek Capital.

Sparks talks about this very thing as well as other interesting topics in his book They Can’t Eat You. Sparks has never failed to share the details of his journey, and he does so to encourage fellow entrepreneurs and those who are just getting started.

Sparks is the Founder and CEO of Timber Creek Capital, LP. Known as a serial entrepreneur, Sparks continues to find ways to make money by taking ideas and turning them into profitable businesses.

Sparks has played an important role as a philanthropist, helping numerous charities like Habitat for Humanity as well as his own organization, Sparkey’s Kids. This organization donates 1,000 laptops to at risk children through an academy known as American Can!

Evolution Of Smooth Offers Many Lip Balm Flavors

Lip balm is an essential thing to have on hand. It is easy for anyone to get chapped lips just by being outside for a few minutes or so. One of the best ways to combat this problem is with the use of the right kind of lip balm. Lip balm can be applied to lips easily, protecting them from problems of all kinds before those problems even begin. Many people who like to have lip balm on hand, like to have it on hand in many varied flavors. Different flavors can help mix it up and let the user find the right one for their preferences on any given day. A bit of sweet tropical flavors can be ideal when it’s really hot out.

Finding Flavor

This is why EOS lip balm offer special flavors like strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint and medicated tangerine. Each flavor is like a burst of color and taste on the lips. Each flavor is also like something sweet that anyone can enjoy while they help their lips feel better the moment they put them on. The people at EOS lip balm look forward each day to coming up with new and innovative flavors that they can offer to the public for people to sample. Having such flavors on hand means that all people can find a flavor or a kind of flavor that they can pick from whenever they go shopping for lip balm anywhere the product is sold. This also allows people to enjoy lip balm that really works for their own personal needs. Visit the EOS linked In page for more information. Check out luckyvitamin.com for the variety of EOS products.


Eric Pulier Helped Our Kids Graduate on Time

I was fortunate enough to work with Eric Pulier at the time that he was just starting out with People Doing Things. He was creating technology that would help kids like our students get through school, and I was very happy to see what he was capable of. It was like he knew just what these kids needed, and it was as if he was the only person who knew how to help. He brought us a lot of technology that was needed for our disabled students, and he created a lot of good memories with the gear that he brought us.

The best part of all of this is that he was able to keep bringing us as many things as he could create every year. We had a way to reach all the kids that were with us, and we knew that each of those kids would have a changed life because of what he had done for them. Each kid had their own disability that he was able to help with, and the People Doing Things charity even made sure that all the kids could hold onto these things after they graduated if that is what they needed.

The best part of this for the kids was that they knew that they would always have the resources that they needed to succeed. These same kids were going to feel like they could make progress through school, and that was the most important thing. We wanted them to know that they would be able to graduate, and we wanted to show them that there was a way for them to get along in the world. Each step that is taken is one that was helped by Eric Pulier and the amazing technology that he provided to us through People Doing Things.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eric.pulier

Lovaganza Will Bring Motion Pictures To Its Audiences

Lovaganza is an entertainment company that provides a unique blend of cultural performances that have dazzled audiences from around the world. The company offers music, dance, and acting that is second to none. Bringing together diverse cultures into one performance is what has made and continues to make Lovaganza an entertainment company that has something for all audiences.

People come to see quality entertainment and Lovaganza showcases some of the best performers in the world. The level of talent that the company uses combined with the ability to showcase the entertainers performing in various cultures makes Lovaganza performances special. Audiences can see and hear the differences between the cultures during the performances, which makes Lovaganza performances an experience that audiences will never forget.

With a reputation that is known around the world, Lovaganza has earned the respect of millions of fans across the globe along with the respect of the entertainment industry on Behance.net. The company has locations around the world that includes America, Asia, and Europe. The company understands various cultures because the company has locations around the world. The company realizes that culture is important and the arts is a great way to promote cultures around the world.

People grow to respect and understand different cultures through the ability to see different cultures. Lovaganza provides this opportunity through amazing performances that include music, dance, singing, and acting.

Lovaganza is planning a tremendous celebration in 2020 on Instagram. The celebration will be a way of showing audiences the world over the cultures from around the world in a way that has never been done before. The celebration will be held from May to September 2020. The theme for the celebration will be based on “embarking on a Bohemian adventure around the world.”

The Lovaganza theme will focus on a bohemian adventure and it will highlight cultures from around the world with marvelous entertainment from live events, film, exhibitions, and various attractions.

Leading up to the big 2020 event, Lovaganza will send out a traveling act that will perform using cultures from around the world. As part of this traveling act, the company will release three motion pictures that will be shown during the traveling shows. The travel show will start in 2017. The traveling show along with the motion pictures will utilize some of the latest technology available to highlight the shows.

The three motion pictures that will be shown during the traveling shows will be shown on screens that are trend setting and the technology in the motion pictures will leave audiences amazed.