Ancient Kabbalah Principles Taught in Kabbalah Centres

There are over 30 Kabbalah Centres and study locations around the world today, so if you are interested in learning more about Kabbalah and seeing how close you are to a Kabbalah Centre, go to Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that has been passed down through the generations from before God formed the Jewish nation.

The principles of Kabbalah contain the spirituality that has been on the Earth since the beginning of time. Kabbalah students study the practical applications of this wisdom, and instructors teach how to use the principles in their everyday lives. They learn how to use the spirituality to make better decisions and to find the joy that Kabbalahists believe is inside each human being. The instructors focus on the practical methods that develop the principles of joy and happiness.

Kabbalah Centres

Throughout history, Kabbalah wisdom has been studied only by the chief priests and elders, and it was only taught in small groups. In 1922, Rav Yehuda Ashlag established the first Kabbalah Centre in the world in Jerusalem, Israel. Rav Ashlag had the first comlete manuscript of Kabbalah called The Zohar translated from Hebrew to English, and this Centre was the first place ever in history where the average lay person could read and study Kabbalah.

Rav Micheal and Karen Berg traveled from the U.S. to study in this Center in Israel, and they stayed there 10 years. After returning to the U.S., they established a Kabbalah Center in NYC where they translated ancient documents into many languages and taught on the ancient works. Ten years later, the New York Center was moved to San Francisco and other Centers were also established.

At the Kabbalah centers, students are able to fellowship and share ideas. At least once a month, dinners are held so the members can get to know each other. The Centers have books and other literature availiable, along with CDs and DVDs, but one of the main purposes is to volunteer in the community around the Center to practice the principles  and spread the joy they have found.

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Leading Educational Platform With A Proven Track Record

SOLVY is an entirely free on-line mathematics assignments platform for students, educators, and schools. With SOLVY students can work on mathematics problems that have been cherry-picked by their teachers. Teachers can delegate exercises for students depending on their interest and demands.

They’ll receive notifications when students need additional support according to their assignments functionality. SOLVY can save valuable time for teachers, helping them correctly utilize their time efficiently while providing a real-life context for learning in the mathematics classroom.

This internet-based tool is reachable on tons of different apparatus. Students can interact with unique graphing tools and teachers can see the students work for solving each problem to address any mistakes. SOLVY has no multiple-choice questions. Instead, the students need to input the solution they arrive at, and show how they arrived there.

According to, Alexei Beltyukov holds high values for increasing the limits of continuing education. Alexei Beltyukov is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Alexei created Endemic Capital in 2013′ as a resource to supply angel financing for Russian startup businesses. Also being a philanthropist, he has formed several distinct establishments to assist others looking to start companies, or attend advanced business courses.

 Alexei Beltyukov established A-Ventures Ltd, a Russian firm created to help other businesses within the state with financial assistance when they’re fighting. He also contributed in creating the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD.

The scholarship gives financial support to Russians attending INSEAD University. Alexei Beltyukov additionally worked alongside the Russian government to supply economical guidance and support through the Skolkovo Foundation where he holds the title as Vice President. The supply grants a chance for Russian technology startups, along with entrepreneurs looking to expand opportunities throughout Russia.

Threat of the Incorporated Olympic Valley

With the threat of drought and poor weather the past few years behind them and an early snow fall allowing for an exceptionally early start to the resort season, the north shore communities of Lake Tahoe faced opposition in another arena entirely; an incorporation effort for the Olympic Valley.

Andy Wirth, president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC., had this to say about the proposed incorporation, “This was a fundamental long term threat to operating a business, whether it be a wine bar or a ski area in this valley.”

Supporters of incorporation, turning the area into a legally recognized town, claim that the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings simply feared the local area would be governed by a town council and not the distantly located Placer County Board of Supervisors located in Auburn, CA. Which could have a dramatic impact on how land use issues are resolved in the future.

“My and most other people’s opinion as to why the Ski Holdings spent so much money opposing incorporation is that they did not want local residents (future Town Council) making land use decisions, and instead are counting on influencing the Placer County supervisors, most of whom reside in Sacramento suburbs,” said incorporation drive organizer Fred Ilfield in an email.

The backers of the incorporation effort formally withdrew their from their efforts to incorporate Olympic Valley and now the cohesive community can work on transportation and other issues that go beyond the immediate future.

The Leadership Skills of Andy Wirth Lead Squaw Valley Holdings and the Community

Andy Wirth is the innovative and successful president and CEO of Sqauw Valley Holdings. When he took this position in 2010, the Holdings only consisted of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, but in recent years, Alpine Meadows Ski Resort was added. The two resorts are located next to each other on the mountain, and Wirth wants to see a tram to connect the two resorts.

Andy Wirth has been an asset to Squaw Valley, the 1964 Winter Olympic Village, and the community of Lake Tahoe. His experience came from 20 years ski resort management at Steamboat Springs in Colorado. The first year at Squaw Valley Resort, he began by giving the property a well-deserved $6 million dollar renovation.

Next, he began to improve the community. and he joined the initiative for Clean Air. Several years ago, the question of incorporation was brought up in North Lake Tahoe. Wirth and others did not want it because incorporation would lead to high taxation. Mr. Wirth brought in a government group from Oakland to investigate, and they found that incorporation would not be beneficial, so it remained unincorporated. The town was deeply affected by this debate, but Wirth knows that it will recover in time,

Andy is an outdoorsman and has worked in ski resorts his entire career. He was born in Germany and grew up in Colorado. His first job was as a park ranger, but when he graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in hotel and resort management, he began in management at Steamboat Springs. He stayed there to become CFO, then, in 2007, he was promoted to CEO of Intrawest who had acquired Steamboat Springs. His experience is stable and secure.

Andy Wirth is a leader both in business and in the community. Shortly after he became CEO in North Lake Tahoe, he began to get involved in the town. He worked on The Clean Power Plan for Clean Air, the incorporation debate, and he served on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. Recently, he was voted to be chairman of the Board, and his leadership skills excel.

Eric Pulier: A Pedigree In Business, Technology, And Charity

Eric Pulier is a man of no small accomplishments. He’s the founder of several interactive software and digital media companies, invested in startup businesses, worked behind the scenes with former President Clinton, serves on several children’s charities, and is a father of four. Having been successful at founding several companies and software solutions, Pulier now dedicates his time to encouraging young people to do the same. He is on the board of innovation at Xprize, a company that offers incentives to young people to help tackle challenges in various industries from the environment, energy, and even space and ocean exploration.

Eric Pulier began at Harvard, where he was a writer for the Harvard Crimson and studied American and English literature, but also took technology classes over at MIT on the side. He got into software development, and helped start several major IT companies such as Digital Evolution, Akana, and Desktone. He also founded a cloud-integrated platform called ServiceMesh, which provided large enterprises with a network management system and task integration modules all in one solution. ServiceMesh was later bought out by the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Pulier has done a lot of charity work around the world, working for the Clinton Global Initiative, and was once honored at a charity dinner for US Doctor’s for Africa. He’s spearheaded the founding of the ACE Foundation, a company that harnesses computer technology to help bring clean water to desperate countries, and find solutions to environmental challenges. Pulier was also the key designer of former President Clinton’s “Bridge to the 21st Century” exhibition.

Pulier has done work with young children’s philanthropy, helping fund an interactive computer program for children with multiple sclerosis. He also helped with the Starbright World project, a virtual reality event involving several children’s hospitals and Microsoft corporation aimed at providing an inside look at diabetes for affected children. He’s also on the board at Painted Turtle, where children with chronic illnesses or inherited disabilities can go for a week to summer camp.

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Raj Fernando’s Team Management Skills

Chicago is the world’s richest city in business opportunities. Currently, Chicago has more than 104 privately owned companies. The companies are recognized among the fast growing enterprises in America. In coming years, the number of companies in Chicago is expected to rise.

One of the main factors that make Chicago an attractive business hub is because of its diversity in companies. Unlike most cities that cling to one industry, Chicago has different enterprises that specialize in various fields like aviation, IT, insurance, healthcare technology, fashion and much more.

Despite the recommendable growth, the CEO of Scoutahead says that the biggest problem facing most investments is poor management. Mainly, most companies use an old employee performance assessment procedure to gauge employee productivity. For this reason, most companies retrench its former employees and replaced them with new hires.

For Raj Fernando, such a performance assessment structure is an inappropriate management approach. The top down qualitative structures often leave out unique talents of an employee. Raj noted that even the managers who used the structures could not agree to be subjected to similar evaluations of their careers.

Raj suggests that the best way to improve employee productivity starts at the recruitment stage. Managers should aim at employing people who are passionate about their job. After selecting passionate employees, managers should be in a position to use each employee’s talent to compose a team with diverse skills. Furthermore, the employees should be trained to learn from one another so as to become efficient.

These are some of the factors that Raj Fernando used to grow his first start up, Chopper Trading. In less than a decade, Chopper Trading grew to a leading trading company, managing an outstanding team that exceeded their customers’ financial and bond trading issues.

Raj Fernando’s skills have developed him into a prominent businessperson in Chicago. He has worked in different trading companies like Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago Board of Trade, US Commodity Trading Futures Commission and Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj believes that passion, teamwork and engaging with like minded people is a stepping stone to the success of any business.

How Talk Fusion Came to Be

Talk Fusion is gaining steam, and it’s all because of one problem that the Founder and CEO, Bob Reina had while trying to send an email to his mother. While looking for potential investment properties, Reina thought it would be nice to capture some good photos of the properties he was looking at. As a result, he wanted to send them to his mother but the files were too large to send. Reina began to look for a way to solve the problem, rather than wait for someone else to come up with the idea. Join TF now!!

Today, Talk Fusion is one of the fastest growing companies in communications, and Reina believes that they will remain competitive in the marketplace in the years to come. While on ABC Action, he was sharing that there is a better way to stay in touch. The company is only nine years old, and their core product is their all-in-one video solution. Reina’s goal was to start and build a company that used cutting edge technology.

The all-in-one marketing platform is designed for personal use as well as for business. The platform is global, which means that it can be used anywhere in the world. The benefits of using this product are numerous, including video chat communication, sending emails, doing live broadcasts, and online conferences. Reina spoke of global support, which means that Talk Fusion is growing all over the world.

Reina’s background is in law enforcement, but his desire to make communications easier has flourished. As a result, more businesses are able to hold meetings anytime, anywhere in the world. Reina is proud to say that they offer a 30-day free trial, so users can decide if it’s right for them. Additionally, Reina has been giving back to help animals in shelters.

The Highland Capital Management’s Mission of Bettering the Communities in North Texas

James Dondero is the current president of the Highland Capital Management, which he also co-founded. The headquarters of the company are located in Dallas, Texas, and the major solution that it offers is investment guidance. It is one of the top and knowledgeable alternative investment administrators. Dondero is has been actively giving back to the community. His enterprise is multinational, and most of his donations are local.

According to him, his firm needs an associate to assist in running the annual social responsibility budget that has been increased to approximately $3 million. They have therefore partnered with The Dallas Foundation through it chief executive officer and president, Mary Jalonick. The organization has ample skills in the management of philanthropic undertakings. It was chosen due to its good reputation in the provision of nonprofit services in the North Texas region. Mary and Mr. Dondero have created policies for offering donations to form a structure that is ambitious, bold, and efficient. This strategy led to the creation of the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which will be facilitating The Dallas Foundation.

James Dondero has been donating to enhance education, veteran, and healthcare undertakings among the people of Dallas. His step of collaborating with The Dallas Foundation will assist in the growth of these charitable activities to various public institutions such as The Bush Presidential Library, The Dallas Zoo, and The Perot Museum. The entrepreneurship skills of Mr. Dondero support his generous plans of offering donations for a couple of years. According to Mary Jalonick, the nature of contributions that he plans to offer are rare, and they are crucial in facilitating the undertaking of nonprofit institutions since they provide a reliable source of income.

Jim joined efforts with The Dallas Foundation and employed Linda Owen, who was the chief executive officer and the president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Linda is mainly dedicated to serving the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., and she joins the vision of Mr. Dondero with the charitable associates who enhance the living standards in North Texas. Jim believes that the leadership skills, experience, and relationships that Linda has in the community will allow the organization to bring a positive change to the North Texas people.

John Goullet Bio: success story of Diversant Principal

Goullet has been in the IT field since he graduated from Ursinus College. He is highly skilled in information system staffing and information technology. After graduation, he first worked as an IT consultant until he found a firm that offers Info Technologies. Today he services as the principal of Diversant Solutions.

John has a dedication to learning the environment where his clients work so as to know the kind of staffing solutions to create. He additionally has a great vision that Diversant should become the leading in innovation, IT and to develop more solutions related to the field. During his work as CEO of Info Technologies, Goullet served as a great entrepreneur. He is still is highly venturous in the entrepreneurship sector. System staffing and IT has been his best of passion. He has been developing his skills since he started working in 1994.

His Colleagues at Diversant see him as the perfect principal. He has excellent communication skills with clients and employees. When it comes to dealing with emerging trends in the IT sector, John has always been ahead. His passion continues to grow; he looks forward to developing diversification in this industry which keeps growing day in day out. John has been successful and has made millions of profit from the Info technologies firm. Additionally, he has made millions of profit from Info Technologies company. He has received awards and has been recognized by Magazine Inc. Diversant is an African-American owned and continues to hit the ground with innovative developments from Goullet.

John Goullet is simply an innovator who has been highly successful in his business and the IT industry. His business model has always focused on understanding the corporate world and providing IT staffing requirements. His personality, work style and a set of skills have always matched Diversant’s quality services.

John was the CEO of Info Technologies started in 1994. The firm has grown to offer IT solutions to several Fortune 500 companies. The company grew to a massive worth of 30 million dollars in a short span of five years. It earned the company an eight position in the Inc. Magazine’s list of top 500 rising businesses in the private business within the United States.