Franchisco Domenech; Managing Partner at Politank

Franchisco Domenech is currently Politank’s managing partner. Politank is a law firm that specializes in government affairs. At the firm, Domenench assists in the development of strategies that represent the best interests of private companies in government fora. Formerly, he was the director of the Puerto Rican department of legislative services.

Franchiso Domenech was born in Puerto Rico in 1978 and spent most of his teenage years in Ocala Florida pursuing his high school education at the Forest High School. He attended the University of Puerto Rico and graduated twice. His first degree was in Political Science after which he graduated as a Juris Doctor. While pursuing his degrees, he was elected the President of the student council and the academic senator. During his college years, he participated in various legal contests among them the Moot Court competition, where he was ranked among the top 15% oralists. Follow Domenech on Twitter for more updates.

During his career, Mr. Domenec was among the members of the Democratic National Committee. He served in this capacity between 2007 and 2012. He has also worked as a Democratic delegate in national conventions and campaign manager in the primary campaign of Hillary Clinton. His other appointments include being the co-chair of the finance department during the Hilary Super Ac. In this capacity, he was assigned the responsibility of arranging and planning national fundraisers. His exemplary performance in organizing Hillary’s campaign enabled him to sit on the committee and plan the Puerto Rican campaign trip during the 2016 election cycle.

Domenech was also the manager of the winning campaign organized for Jenifer Gonzales. This campaign enabled her to become the resident commissioner and later the congressional representative. By his success at representing the young American Democrats as a member of the Democratic National Committee, he became a super-delegate in the 2008 convention. He also served as the chief whip for the Puerto Rican delegation.

Currently, Mr. Francisco Domenech runs his bipartisan firm that deals with government affairs and regularly comments on Puerto Rican media. He also actively supported several philanthropic endeavors both individually and through Politank. Visit:



The Fagali Airport Is Servicing Apia Upolu Samoa & Beyond

The History of the Fagali Airport

The Fagali Airport, which is 21 miles east from the larger Faleolo International Airport, is the gateway to the Samoan Upolu. When the airport was founded in 1959, the landing strip was grass-only because it was built to support charter flights and small commuter planes. However, the airport was closed in 2002 by the Samoan government due to environmental pollution concerns and noise complaints from the local villagers. Although the Fagali Airport reopened some time later, it was closed again in 2006 due to the same issues. However, it resumed operation in 2009 and is still open till this day. The airport was paved with asphalt shortly after making it more comfortable for aircrafts to land.

Things To Enjoy On The Island

Travelers visit the Upolu island for the year round tropical weather and majestic beaches where they could swim, snorkel, scuba dive, and surf. A real hidden gem with many water activities available. One reason this island is so desirable is because it is not in the typhoon territory, therefore you can explore it all year round without any worries of natural disasters. There are many high-quality lodging options, such as the Sheraton, Outrigger Hotel, and Insel Fehmarn Hotel. Since the island is so small, the hotels are very easy to find in Apia when coming from the airport. You can find out about flight schedules from the hotel staff, cabbies, and bus operators.

Lear About The Flights & Aircrafts Available

Many travelers report that flying into Fagali is an adventure within itself. As the twin-engine aircraft slowly descends on the island, there is the beautiful tropical paradise with lush palm trees just below the horizon. Routes include Pago Pago, located on the American Samoa island and Tongatapu on the Tonga Island. Both Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways have services to these places. Samoa Airways has two Twin Otter DHC-6 aircrafts and Talofa Airways has two Rockwell 690B Turbo Commander aircrafts. Both models can fit up to 8 or 9 passengers.

Flight time:
Pago Pago – 35 minutes.
Tongatapu – 1 hour 50 minutes.

For details:

Emulating Fortress Investment Group is the Only Option for Other Investment Managers.

For many years, Fortress Investment Group has been considered as one of the most strategic asset management organization around the world. The entity has been laying the mark for other firms to follow when it comes to investment strategies and asset control systems. However, the company decides to accept Softbank’s offer of buying all the shares in the company that surprised many pundits in the financial and investment industry. The company has enough assets and is run by some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. One could wonder how the board accepted such a decision. However, selling all the shares to an investor has turned around the fortunes of the company, making many of the financial analysts who were criticizing the entity’s decision to backtrack.

The company’s share in the stock market has significantly appreciated increasing shareholder’s wealth to a level that not many would have anticipated. Many had highlighted that Fortress Investment Group’s share would reduce in value making many investors to lose their money. The opposite has happened, and it looks like a definite miss for many investors who would have hoped to gain as the shares appreciated.Increase in the value of the shares is a clear indication that investors have not lost faith in the management of the entity as initially thought, but they now feel that the body is implementing strategic decisions geared towards growth. What remains to be seen is whether Fortress Investment Group will increase the number of units traded in the stock market to meet the increasing demand from investors.

As the share value continues to grow, fortress investment group is increasing in wealth, making the entity financially sound to face the uncertainties that face the financial industry due to forces of demand and supply.Fortress Investment Group is currently enjoying the benefits of new ownership where the future of the organization is guaranteed. The new owners, Softbank Group, will fund the organization to achieve its strategic goals while helping the firm to compete effectively at the global stage. It remains to be seen what other heights the organization is likely to accomplish as it never tires to formulate and implement other policies that change the market trends. Other asset management and investment alternative entities have no option but to follow suit and accept bids from investors. The company will benefit from a large pool of management knowledge and financial resources brought by the new owner.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff Is Sean Penn’s Very Interesting First Book

Sean Penn recently published his new book titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, and it has been a controversial book from the start. Penn said that a lot of his book was taken out of context by its critics and that he wishes people could just read a book these days without having to label it as opinion. The book, itself, is about a middle-aged man who works a spread of jobs to get by, and, interestingly enough, one of these is to assassinate old people.


While Sean Penn doesn’t really need any more recognition thanks to his successful acting career, he is always working to achieve new heights. In an interview, Penn opened up and revealed that while the back of the book compared his writing to authors like Terry Southern and Thomas Pynchon, he has never read any of their work. Instead, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was inspired by the world around him. He admitted that he draws inspiration from his own imagination and can add more details to create a form from something he may have seen or been a part of in real life.

While Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff started out as an audio-book, Penn turned it into a readable novel. He commented that this was not his intention at the beginning and that it was his lack of experience with publishing a book that led to this. This was Sean Penn’s debut novel, and he put himself out on a limb by publishing it, but he didn’t write the book to simply be controversial. He admitted in an interview that he wrote the book without pandering to any audience or by trying to think like someone who might be interested in reading it. Instead, he felt free and just wrote what came to him.


Sean Penn commented on the fact that he intends on writing another book and that writing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was a lot of fun. He revealed that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is as much about the complex society that is America as it is about the people who live in the country.

Fortress Investment Group; Putting Clients First

Fortress Investment Group; Putting Clients First

In steady unchanging moments, good management is required to ensure that there is effective as well as efficient utilization of the resources in an organization. In the current financial services industry, there are multiple pressures to manage the increasing demand for wealth creation. Therefore, with the available limited resources, leadership is a key component that dictates the performance of the organization.

A Look at Fortress

Leadership is the ability to control the manner in which a team carries out itself. All too often, managers are described as leaders because they control the operations of an organization. With good leadership, an organization is set to prosper. In this article, the impact of good leadership is illustrated through the success of Fortress Investment Group.


Fortress Investment Group was founded by three business leaders who understand the value of injecting excellent leadership skills into the growth of an organization. Launched in 1998, the firm has managed to work with clients by understanding their needs before working on satisfying them. The leadership of this organization has vastly contributed to its ability to manage millions of assets from private equity and other companies.

The Foundation

When Wes Edens and Randal Nardone thought of establishing Fortress Investment Group, a lot was at stake because they could preempt the results of running a business without conducting a pilot test. However, they managed to establish the firm successfully and since then, it has been offering competitive alternate –asset management services to clients. Moreover, given their deep experience in finance and hedge fund management, they have been able to manipulate the firm’s business model to fit into the requirements of their clients.


With their influence, Fortress has become a leader in the management of portfolios. In addition, it has worked on offering its clients to a broad spectrum of industries including a team of employees that have majorly contributed to the firm’s growth. When talking about employees, Fortress has hard working employees who offer excellent services based on the required standards of service delivery.

The Observation

Moreover, the employees have the relevant qualifications required to serve at the bank. With that said, it is clear that the organization is set to flourish in many ways. Other than that, it is clear that even after the buyout by Soft Bank Group, Fortress Investment Group has managed to maintain its leaders as these are only people who can control the clients that the company already has.

All You Need to Know About Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is known across all the political divide due to his vibrant nature. Currently, he is the Managing Partner of POLITANK. As a result of meeting and interacting with various private individuals and interest groups, he has gained political mileage. Before becoming the Managing Partner, he was former Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R Legislative Assembly from year 2005 to 2008. It is under this period, Francisco Domenech initiated tremendous changes in the organization streamlining the human resource of more than 130 employees. Besides, he increased the mandate of the organization enabling it to offer more services to the community. Some of the new roles that Office of Legislative Services offered were enabling the physically disabled and the blind to access services with ease. The office also took part in consideration of more than 800 pieces of legislation in Congress and prudentially managed an annual budget of more than $11million. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at LinkedIn

Francisco Domenech experience in law and public relations has seen him occupy prestigious offices such as being the President Chief Legal Counsel of the Senate. Where he was in charge of providing legal counsel as well as represented Senate interest before tribunals, courts and other settings recognized by the Federal government. Notably, he supervised the all in-house counsel, managing the Senates federal lobbyists and overseeing outside counsel. Domenech was directly involved in participating in a rare en banc hearing typically held in the Court of Appeals.

Holding such positions requires one to be conversant with the law in the jurisdiction of the United States of America. Thus Domenech is a graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, RioPiedras Campus, where he graduated with the B.A in Political Science and Juris Doctor. During his time as a student, he was the president of the general student body council. After the completion of the studies, his love for politics did not end there since from 2007 to 2012 he was a member OF Democratic National Committee where he represented the Young Democrats of America. During the primary campaign of Hilary Clinton in 2008, he was the Deputy Campaign Manager in Puerto Rico where Clinton won comfortably. Follow:


Milan Kordestani’s Interest In Horse Riding

Milan Kordestani is the founder of Milan Farms a trademarked company that officially began its operations in 2016. The farm that disperses eggs throughout the west coast including Colorado and Saffron across the world has opened three farms so far. While they recognize and appreciate the culture of producing saffron, Milan is researching hydroponic and aquaponic systems with growing saffron to replace drip irrigation. Having had success with both methods, he doesn’t intend to stop with his study until he has found the perfect salinity levels in water to produce an ideal crop.

The entrepreneur has published six articles in the Huffington Post talking about different issues ranging from politics, mental health and agriculture. In addition to these, Milan Kordestani is passionate about horse riding. He started riding horses when he was ten after a horse threw him off while he was trail riding and instead of giving up, he got back up and rode to the camp. This incident surprised both his father and the National Horseman, Betty Coup who said from this experience, Milan was ready to take up horse riding competitions with challenging world-class horses and win the blue ribbons.

The Milan Farms CEO started off with horse riding lessons in Atherton before he advanced into competing at expert levels with world champion horses. His first win was in 2015 when he emerged the best in the first leg of the triple crown with his horse CH. Later on, he became fourth in the Worlds Horse Championship show and in the third leg of the triple crown at the American Royal he took the third-place title nationally. In 2016 he was the first runners-up at the Worlds championship Horse show in the Five-Gaited Show Pleasure.

The horse riding champion was born in Stanford and brought up in the same place going to school in Phillips Brooks Elementary school. After his parents divorced, they moved to London and not so long after he moved back to Bay Area where he attended Sacred Heart Preparatory in Atherton graduating in 2017. He is presently in his first year in Colorado College and is still competing in the horse riding competitions nationally.

Francisco Domenech ‘s journey to becoming one of the most influential figures in American politics

Brief background overview

Born about three decades ago, April 29th 1978 to be specific and on the suburbs of Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech is a force to reckon with and a regular figure in Puerto Rican political matters. He spent his tender years in Ocala Florida where he attended the Blessed Trinity Catholic School. He later joined Forest Hill School before joining the University of Puerto Rico where he furthered his ambitions. He emerged with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the facility and acquired a degree as a Juris Doctor from within the same spectrum.

His brilliance in the university was marked by his ascension into different student leadership positions which might have in one way or the other influenced his professional career years later. During the 1998-1999 senate at the institution, he was elected as the student body president. Domenech later rose to the helms of power as the President of General Student Body Council, a very influential body in the day to day running of student affairs within the university. Visit to learn more about Francisco.

He oversaw major overhauls within the school which led to quality learning.

Professional background

Having successfully established his ground on matters politics back at the University of Puerto Rico, Francisco Domenech marked a new era in the politics of the 51st state of the United States of America, Puerto Rico. He is the current Chief Managing Partner of Politanks, a political consulting firm in the region.

He spices up his career as a practicing lawyer. Ever since he left the university, his has been a journey of success after success. For instance May 2003 might go down in history as one of the prime years of Francisco’s professional achievements as he became the founding President of Puerto Rico’s Young Democrats. Additionally between 2007 and 2012, Domenech was appointed as a member of the Democratic National Committee where he represented the Young Democrats of America.

During the 2008 general elections in USA, Francisco was elevated as the Deputy Chief Campaigner of Hillary Clinton’s campaign against her major rival, Senator Barack Obama. Though Senator Obama toppled Hillary, Domenech delivered a win for Clinton in the primaries held in Puerto Rico. In the same elections, he served as one of National Finance co-chairs of Ready for Hillary’s campaign where he oversaw and coordinated fundraisers for Hillary’s campaigns.

Domenech bounced back in the political realm during the 2016 elections as the Chief Campaign Manager for Hon. Jennifer Gonzalez whose bid to become the first woman and youngest person to serve as resident commissioner came to pass under his watch.

Francisco Domenech made a major milestone when he became the only person in history of Young Democrats of America to serve for 7 years as a national officer. He is indeed an influential figure in the world of politics.View:


Sujit Choudhry, Constitutionalism & The Decline of Democracy

The global shift which the world is beginning to witness away from constitutional democracy after such a long and widespread trend towards them have raised the brows of many political experts who have sought to remedy the situation. One of the most prominent of these experts is Sujit Choudhry, a constitutional scholar and researcher and the founder of the Center For Constitutional Transitions. The primary focus of his research, as well as the research produced by the Center for Constitutional Transitions primarily revolves around comparative constitutional analysis, both current and historical, which is to say, comparing and analyzing what work and did not work in current and past documentation, law and political culture. See  more here o, (

Recently, as part of a upcoming book project, Sujit Choudhry took particular interest in analyzing a message from former Obama era Attorney General and politician, Eric Holder which was posted to the popular social media and micro-blogging website, Twitter. In his 2017 message Mr. Holder states: “ABSOLUTE RED LINE: the firing of Bob Mueller or crippling the special counsel’s office, refer to ( If removed or meaningfully tampered with, there must be mass, popular, peaceful support of both. The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative.”

In Choudhry’s analysis the post by Holder is highly instructive as to the prevailing attitude constitutional in the United States, as it is based upon two principal conceptions; namely the “red line” and the appeal to populism. Both of these concepts, to Choudhry are based upon the uniquely American idea of what he calls, “constitutional self-enforcement, built around the concept of a focal point.” Choudhry professes some surprise as the former Attorney General’s tweet as he remarks that it is quite peculiar that someone like Holder who was so deeply instantiated in the legal system would not even make one mention of any legal challenges to Mueller’s authority, neither principally or tangentially. Hop over to

Choudhry further remarked that Holder’s “red lines” express a failure of American democracy, because once politicians and activist began calling for legal circumnavigation and widespread street protest mobilization, the system is clearly not doing its job. For if it was – if the American citizenry still believed, by and large, in the system – and if it still had the support of the people, such calls for action would never be made to begin with, see more details here on


Aloha Construction – The Power of Hard work and Love

Aloha Construction received the 2017 prestigious Torch Award for its outstanding Marketplace Ethics. The award was given by Better Business Bureau that serves the Chicago and also Northern Illinois. Mr Dave Farbaky, the Chief Executive Officer of Aloha Construction, received the award with much appreciation and honour and believed that putting his employees, customers and also the community ahead of everything is the winning wealth.

The Better Business Bureau main agenda of issuing of the Torch Award is to recognise various companies that provide honest and quality work, again and again, all through the years. According to the panel of fifteen judges who have vast knowledge and skills of choosing the best awarded the price to Aloha Construction. The group pointed out that the company has a long history and also frequent acts of helping the less privileged and it also has high levels of community integrity in Northern Illinois and Chicago.

The Better Business Bureau applauded Aloha Construction for putting their customer’s firsts and according to the company their clients is the reason the organisation is successful and exists. The company believes in the power of appreciating their clients yearly and in 2017 the Aloha Construction completed their main goal if giving at least 20,000 of Illinois people with roofing jobs.

They opened doors to customers in 2008, and they have strived to provide the high levels of quality within the area and have employed the best and within the community. The company also offers free roof inspection to their customers yearly helping discover the hidden damages that need quick repairers making the house safe. The company free services to their clients help them have their roofs repaired by the insurance companies and within the correct timeframe.

According to Dave Farbaky, the company employees are family and hence the need to put their needs first by ensuring they have a relaxing time after a year of success. The company pays a week holiday for all employees and their loved ones in Maui Hawaii giving them quality family time. Aloha Construction Company also understands the need for retaining their employees with permanent position giving them a stable lifestyle. And it’s done through competitive salaries and training keeping the team productive and happy.